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Raising Earnest Disciples (John 8:31)

Ready, Set, Action!

4Finally, I have decided to wake up from my slumber (and it was a rather long one) to bring to reality a dream I had nursed for years. Yes, I had always wanted to delve into  professional writing as far back as…well, childhood; And I am inching towards 40, so no more fool’s paradise. It’s time to take the bull by the horn.

So, what eventually pushed me? Well, you know that moment when you suddenly realise there’s more to who you are and what you can achieve, not just for yourself, but for the good of others around you; when you reach that state of dissatisfaction with your present situation and desire a greater challenge that will really prove your worth; that moment of ‘pause’ when you take a minute to do a quick survey of your life and decide it is time to do something new…something bigger than you. Yes, this is the moment for me.

So, here I am starting a blog, and while many themes distract me, one keeps painting the picture scarlet red. I love RED. So, I’m going ‘REDigion’…Raising Earnest Disciples for Jesus. Yes, I am a Jesus disciple. I can’t deny my heavenly citizenship. So, there you have it. It’s all about REDigion.

So, the film is about to roll and I hope you enjoy the ride because without you, it will only be an empty cinema. So, let’s go hand in hand. Ready…Set…ACTION.


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7 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Action!

  1. Tari on said:

    Sounds interesting already.

  2. debbie on said:

    I’m REaDy to go on this exciting journey…Great start!!

  3. Bec on said:

    Oh yeah!!! This is it! Let’s get started.

  4. All4Him on said:

    On track. Keep going!

  5. Nice! Let’s do this! REDigion it is…

  6. Samuel on said:


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