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Between the Thunder and the Whisper

thunder 3Last night, it rained cats and dogs in my neighbourhood. As a lover of sleep (who isn’t …lol), I could not stay much in dreamland as heavy thunder and fiery lightning blazed through the dark sky. I do not like both, I must confess, so i tucked myself further into the bed and tried to hide from reality, but then one cannot hide from the blaring voice of nature.

Very often, the Bible describes the voice of God as a thunder. A popular scene was at Mount Sinai where God spoke with Moses and gave the ten commandments in Exodus 19 and 20. The thunder conveys the awesomeness of God. It is unmistakable and can send you hiding under the cover of your bed.

But God does not always speak like a thunder. He also speaks in a still small voice (Elijah can testify to that) and when God does, He whispers so gently you may not hear His voice if you do not listen with your inner mind.

Because He is God, He has access to all means of communication and chooses whichever methods He deems appropriate. Our part is to recognise how He speaks to us and do what He says.

God speaks to me through dreams. How about you?


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19 thoughts on “Between the Thunder and the Whisper

  1. Bec on said:

    Awesome!! Great lessons! As for me, God speaks to me thru dreams as well, tho I filter it in God’s Word. Also, impression of the WORD in ma heart.

  2. Like David was told, ‘…movements in the mulberry tree…..’ I don’t have dreams as a matter for direction. I sense a move, distinct, clear, and almost without effort, I’m plunged along. Then I know it is God.

  3. All4Him on said:

    I’m not the dream type but my wife is
    Its been the Word, that small still voice, the gentle undeniable persuasion/impression of the Holy Spirit, and at times daytime revelations for me

  4. debbie on said:

    The Amazing Fathers speaks in various ways. for me He speaks through Inner feeling and His word and sometime thru dreams. God is not static, He comes in to man in various forms. Nice write up dear

  5. Ralph on said:

    When God speaks……. Grace to listen. Especially in this busy world. And I support Debbie…. He’s never static.

  6. Femi on said:

    The world is too noisy for many to hear that still small voice of the Almighty. O that I may become deaf to the world, just to listen to that still small voice that whispers from within.

    • May we receive grace to know when to clear our minds of such noise and listen to that still small voice. Thanks for your input.

  7. sam on said:

    Nice piece, o dat we may apply our hearts to hear that voice, we’ll never remain the way we are, that voice will lead us to our desires.

    • Gloria on said:

      God speaks to me in a distint clear voice but d challenge is my ability to clear my mind and hear him. God give me grace to hear dat i may not remain d same.

      • Ralph on said:

        Reminds me of that song “O Jesus I have promised”…… One of the lines says…..”O speak to reassure me, to hasten or control….. Either way, just speak Lord

  8. The song also says ‘Oh speak and make me listen’. It is a two way communication. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Deborah Adedoyin on said:

    God speaks to me through perception and dreams.

  10. Humm,I think God uses occasions nd events to reachout to me

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