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The Role Play Game

1Let’s go on a journey

A rewind into the past, precisely over 2000 years and beyond. Yes, back into the Bible days. We have read and watched the stories of great men and women who did great exploits for God and sometimes wished we were them. They inspire us and have traits we find unique and imitable. If you had lived in their time, you would have wanted to meet them or just be them. You have their role-played their lives in front of the mirror, when no one was watching… (true or not…lol)

Now, here’s your chance to tell the world who you are or want to be. In one sentence, tell us which Bible character you want to be and why.

 Me first, I want to be Esther because she was selfless and courageous to risk her life for the good of others. Now your turn…


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38 thoughts on “The Role Play Game

  1. Ralph on said:

    I wanna be Solomon. He was wise and had MANY wives…… Lol!!!!!

  2. debbie on said:

    You know I like the way Ruth indirectly wooed Boaz who later became her husband, very sexy yet spiritual. She was also a determined woman. I pick Ruth…smiles

  3. I’lld go with Mary, the mother of Jesus. Well, good enof I got mary as one of my other names, and people tell me I look ‘maryish’..(feeling cool) lol…A lady who possessed a catalogue of priceless virtues en of course, highly spirited…I talk to God often, I wanna b like her n even more.

  4. Opeyemi on said:

    I want to be JOSEPH who fear God and fled from being lured into sin. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

  5. Gabriel Aloku on said:

    I want to be a Daniel, really want to be an intercessor for the world, solving the world’s problems. Who am I kidding, I am more of a David, singing psalms to the Lord, and bringing down the Goliaths of this world.

  6. stephen on said:

    I want to be Elijah because I want all I decree to come to pass immediately

  7. enoch on said:

    OMG! i wish to be like solomon coz he was wise and rich and (famous)-dont really like the sound of that but…!
    samson aint a bad character too. like his courage and strength…like ‘superman’ lol

  8. Esther Ajao on said:

    OMG, want 2 be Esther, selfless and simple, also like unintemidated Deborah, being able 2 stand where others, even men are intemidated.

  9. IbukunAde on said:

    Actually, I want a good combo of all the great ladies in the Bible (that sounds selfish rai?), I’ll be with the famous Prov 31 Lady.

  10. Desi on said:

    I love Daniel and Joseph because of the uncompromising stand for God amidst intense oppositions.Their unshakable devotion to God is noteworthy.More so, I love the way they served God in position of authority in the society.They were able to combine secular leadership at the highest level and yet their passionate devotion and relentless commitment to God never dwindled.To pick one, I will pick Daniel.

  11. Nengi on said:

    I love Abigail too. She was wise enough to turn away the wrath of the King. Love her humble personality, she fears God too.
    Deborah, was strong enough to lead the children of Israel to battle, and got the victory @ the end.

  12. All4Him on said:

    Joshua for me – a person of influence from his youth up. A bridge to generations, of those that left Egypt, those born in the wilderness and those who made it eventually to the Promised Land. A man of faith, prayer and miracles, to command nature, the sun and moon to do his bidding; to do the impossible bring Jericho’s seemingly impregnable walls down. A man of impact and integrity, scandal free, humble, fearless and obedient. A Field Marshal in God’s army, a conqueror of Kings and Kingdoms. Moreso a man of God and man of the home. Successfully ordering his family in God’s way. Raising a family ready to stand for God in the nation even if they had to stand alone. “As for me and my house, WE will serve the Lord.” Amen.

  13. seun on said:

    I am Mordecia. He trained a godly lady who some us now want to be like. He refuse to lose his trust in the Lord. He fortold the salvation of the Jews in Shushan and even though he was one of the kings scribes, he was not a corrupt scribe and will not compromise his stand for God.

  14. tosin on said:

    I wanna b a Deborah who was bold n courageous like a man to go for battle .

  15. Tega on said:

    Joshua for his i can do it spirit. cos i know if i can imagine it done then i can do it.

  16. debbie on said:

    Great choices of scriptural role models…..*thumbs up*

  17. Beloved on said:

    I would have loved to be Paul. He was a globetrotter.!!! Looolz

  18. Oh to be like Jesus,the great politician,teacher,motivational speaker and the son of God

  19. Daniel has also has those traits

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