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The Lord, My Mastermatician

Lagos-20130518-00149Last Saturday, I faced a big challenge, one that made me walk in the valley of the shadow of fear. I was to battle Goliath face-to-face and all I had was a blank paper and writing materials. The odds were against me. This enemy was aware of my archilles’ heel and was ready to strike with full armoury. For the first time in my life, I felt like a loser. I really hate Maths. 😦

So, the battle began at 12 noon and it was very sore on me. With the arrows Poissoned with Binomial and Bernoulli, my chance of winning faced low probability. Failure sneered at me and I could only stare into empty space while trying to remember the jargons I had crammed. The serpent provided an alternative – an inviting, succulent, red apple called cheating. After all, everyone else was having a bite. But then, I am not everyone else. I am a Jesus Disciple and JDs don’t cheat. So, I told the deceiver to shut up, did what I could and committed the rest to the Mastermatician.

And oh, did He jump to my rescue! 😀

Many times, we are faced with situations beyond our capabilities and when we see how others handle same and go scot free or even perform better that we do, we feel like losers. Well, Jesus was a loser too. He was beaten, spat on and considered an outcast, but still conquered in the end. That is why I believe I will conquer too because He is the Lord, my Mastermatician. We are a team and we can never fail.

Faced any tempting situation lately? How did you cope?


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20 thoughts on “The Lord, My Mastermatician

  1. Gabriel Aloku on said:

    I have been in similar situations like yours and each time I allowed God, he came out marvelous. He always leaves room for His name to be glorified. And each test is just to see how much faith we have in Him. I remembered during my SSCE in 1995, I was among the few that didn’t succumb to the pressure of cheating and still got the best result in the school. Same happened during the JAMB that got me into UNI, I was still during my English Language and the hall was already empty. I was given “anwers” but rejected it. And while in UNi, my year 2, I was sick and bed-ridden for two weeks during my 1st semester exams. My mates offered to assist but I refused. I wod say, I slept like half of the time during my papers and I did ten courses of like 30 units that semester. I thought I had failed. I was still in the process of getting a letter from the health centre , where I was admitted during the exams, when the results were released. But, God was great, He took the glory because, while many had terrible semester, with GPs dropping, I had very good results, the best in the department. I remembered one of my mates saying “Gabriel, you are serving a living God”. Another said “you were literally a walking-dead”, myself I was surprised. My act left a blue print, because afterwards my classmates neve engaged in “corporation” during exams. And God is still the same, His name be praised!! Halleluyah!!

  2. Ralph on said:

    …….But then, I am not everyone else. I am a Jesus Disciple and JDs don’t cheat……. I love that line!

    JDs don’t cheat
    JDs don’t compromise
    JDs don’t succumb 2 pressure
    JDs don’t follow d multitude
    JDs don’t shy away from d cross
    JDs don’t cringe under trials
    JDs don’t fail BECAUSE

    GOD’s 4 us, JESUS’ with us. The HOLY SPIRIT’s in us and there are ANGELS all around and with d power of d TRINITY and GOD’s WORD promising victory….. WE CAN’T FAIL

  3. “With the arrows Poissoned with Binomial and Bernoulli, my chance of winning faced low probability.” Beautiful. This is loaded and original.
    Faced with a complex question on “issue of shares”, I could hear the sounds of textbooks being torn all around me… I asked the lady next to me, why is everyone tearing a particular page off their textbook? She showed me hers, already torn, “the question was lifted and the solution is also there ” she said with “gladness”.I was confused. Everyone around me was writing and dubbin while I still try to comprehend the question. A 45mins paper, after 30mins, I said “God, this is not fair!” Something ministered within me that ” you know that prof too well, he wudnt just lift a question from his textbook when the solution is there”. I smiled, and became relaxed. I looked at the question again and I “started writing”. I discovered I was making sense. Though I didn’t complete the solution, it was still fair.
    The lady next to me dubbin was in my group study. I was disappointed by her attitude… Just to prove her wrong, after I had the ministration, I collected the torn copies from her, perused it and I started laffin… .=)) =)) =)) laughingº°˚ ˚°º≈outº°˚ ˚°º≈loudº°˚ ˚°º≈º°˚ ˚°º≈º°˚ ˚°º≈=)) =)) =)). She was like “what’s amusing U?” I said the question was actually lifted but about 60% of the solution does not bear the same names and figures as in the question. Her eyes were opened. She had to start on a fresh page, but twas too late. After the exam, she met me outside and said “am sorry, I dissapointed you” “I pray for God’s forgiveness” “I will always use my head whatsoever”. Here, the Lord is my MasterAccountant.

    • Hmmm… A good example why a christian should never be caught compromising. The consequence goes beyond the temporal punishment on earth. The reality that one’s name is erased from the Book of life is more threatening. Thanks for sharing.

  4. ChiLaw! on said:

    Thanks for, unlike momma Eve, refusing the inviting, succulent, red, juicy apple…
    This story is gonna end well…

  5. Ugochi on said:

    Congrats that you made it. We are always confronted by such situations but God always makes a way out if only we can be steadfast. Being a JD in our world today is not easy but like the bible says his grace is sufficient for us. Beautiful article.

  6. Amosu Sarah on said:

    Years back I was sent to gv an Alfa some money by one of my anty husband, when I was about to leave he gave me a soap nd said it will attract favour to me. I collected the soap nd left, on my way home lots of thought came to my mind on what to do wt the soap but at the end I decided to throw it away since ever since I was born I have never see my parents use a black soap before. Two weeks later a friend cald me that a PR firm need a Mass Comm student for the position of a secretary, I told him I studied Bus admin nd am not done yet wt school. I went for the interview nd was surprised that out of all applicants that came for the interview in which 90% r mass comm students, I was told to resume the following day. That was how my life change for good, if I v use the soap I will v belief that its the soap that work. God is indeed a miracle worker only that youth of today depends on things of this world nd not God. Anu u know the rest of my story

    • What a temptation! Thank God you were able to say ‘no’ and see how God favoured you; and just as you said, we should NEVER put our trust in occultism. It is in God alone we should trust. We pray for hearts of faith.

  7. God knows those that belongs to him and he will never let them down when they needs him. He is ever faithful and true to his words

  8. Aanu,what can I say,I had guilt trip after reading ur blog.I have always compromised despite knowing d truth,I was in dat hall too,facing d difficulties of poisson and bennoulli but I chose d easiest way out dubbing,I chose btwn resiting d course and trusting God for Miracle.I made d wrong trust obviously,cos God walks in ways dat re beyound our imaginations,I have asked Him for forgiveness nd grace to be able to resist temptation when it arises.
    God honours his words more dan his name,yes He does!
    Am ashamed dat I chose a way out rada dan waiting on d Lord.

    • Hi, Deb. Glad to have you here and your words really touched me. You will understand this better because we faced the heat together. No need to be ashamed anymore, because God doesnt look at the past anymore once we acknowledge and confess. Let’s look forward and pray for more grace to be able to stand, no matter what comes our way. Love you.

  9. Am really new on this train and a big thumbs up to u.
    ‘The arrows Poissoned with Binomial and Bernoulli, my chance of winning faced low probability’ The term JDs and the term The Lord my mastermatician.
    U r are a blessing dear. keep it up

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