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the fear ‘n’ THE FORTRESS

1I never realised the torment fear could cause until some days ago, when I had one of the scariest moments of my life. I had always seen myself as the courageous type and when others narrated their moments of fear, I would shrug and reply “That’s funny. C’mon, it couldn’t have been that bad.”

 Well, it was ‘that bad’ for me that night. Call me childish, but at my age (seen some decades), I still cringe at the sound of thunder and any unexpected (loud)  noise; and it is worse when it arouses me from my sleep in the middle of the night.

 So here’s what happened. I paid my friend a visit in one of the Lagos suburbs and decided to spend the night. I had a large Victorian bedroom to myself and settled in comfortably for a most enjoyable sleep, which I thought I deserved after a tiring day. Not once did I have an inkling that my night would be almost a nightmare. At about 3.20 a.m, a short, terrible noise filled the air, which was immediately followed by some whistlings and eerie sounds. Adrenaline shot up in waves and images started playing in my head. As the shots went up intermittently like in a video game, I thought of many possibilities… Were we under attack of armed robbers? Is my life in danger? What if…?

 I rushed to the living room where my friend had slept off on the sofa and I found him sleeping peacefully without a care in this world. Our lives were in danger and he had the gut to sleep! My friend, like Jesus, was sleeping in the midst of the storm.  It was not until 5 am that my eyes suddenly fell to the whims of nature and after I was certain I was safe.

 That morning, It was my turn to narrate my moment of fear and he replied…”Oh that? It was the security guys just doing their rounds which they do once in a while.”

 What! I almost knocked my head on the wall. I had been busy getting scared over nothing and losing faith in WHO mattered most – my FORTRESS.

 My friend, the only security we have in this world is in Jesus. In Him, we can never be afraid of the terror of the night. The question is, do we trust Him enough?

Written by Raphael Francis. You can also follow  him on twitter. Want your article on this blog, please send to Article must be faith-based and inspiring to our readers. Cheers!


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10 thoughts on “the fear ‘n’ THE FORTRESS

  1. joshito on said:

    Dis is wonderful!! I ve learnt not to nuture fear of any kind and at any time!! Always ready for any positive and effective action

  2. A mighty FORTRESS…..Our God! Reminds me of the lyrics of the song, stand by me!

  3. Chuks on said:

    Such a nice article. I’ve been blessed by reading this.
    Keep it up.

  4. Well said….I’ll just keep trusting God as the moment flies……

  5. That is true. according to the bible,cowardice is a sin.

  6. a good piece………..may God help me to trust him always, God bless you

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