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Step Back, Dad! (2)

Welcome, Jesus Disciple. If you missed the first part of this story, find it here. Enjoy the sequel and remember to drop your comments. Someone may just be waiting for your word. Cheers!

5It is exactly two weeks today since Segun made his intentions known to Dad and I have never been in a more confused state. Sometimes, I ponder if God really speaks different things to different people on the same issue. I know He is not an author of confusion, but why does all this look muddled up like sand mixed in salt water?

Last Sunday, I watched daddy preach convincingly about God’s love. He made particular reference to the story of the good Samaritan who had helped a wounded stranger and had paid the hospital bills. He stated emphatically that we were to be good Samaritans to everyone around us and I nearly laughed out loud. I guess showing love to our neighbours does not include marrying into other tribes.

Segun and I have been much in contact, but sometimes I find him easily distracted. Perhaps I just imagined his eyes flicker too often to Tayo, the Assistant Pastor’s daughter, who was the head of the ushering department and always stood in the front row. He had rushed to speak with her immediately after the service and they had laughed together several times. Without waiting for the usual after-service meetings, I had clutched my Bible tightly to my chest and walked home with a heavy heart.

As I reached the gate of our house, someone called out to me.

“Chi! Wait up!” I turned to find Segun running with full speed. “Why did you rush out like that? I was looking everywhere for you?” He adjusted his bow tie.

Looking indeed. “Sorry. I umm.. I had to rush home to cook for daddy.” I pretended to dust some dirt off my skirt. I could not bear to look at him so he would not see the hurt on my face.

“You forgot today is Singles Meeting, and you are to lead today’s prayers.”

 Did he just sound accusatory? I raised my head to stare into his dark face and I was surprised at what I saw. His eyes were full of concern.

“Are you okay?” He asked in a soft voice.

“Yes, I am. I will just drop my bag and join you in the church for the meeting.”

“No, I will wait for you.” He smiled and my heart melted a bit. “You know I always love walking with you.”

I smiled sheepishly and walked through the open gate. When I came out, he was standing right where I had left him with his hands in his pocket. He stretched out his right hand and I placed mine in his. Sunday wasn’t so bad after all and there would always be light at the end of the tunnel.

As we entered through the church’s main door, we met my dad coming out with the elders and he could not hide his momentary frown from me, though he patted Segun’s back and cracked a joke.

That evening, Dad and I had a heated argument. It was either I let go of what he called my ‘childhood fantasy’ or not talk to him at all. These are times I wish my mother were alive. She would have made him reason better.

Today is the second day after that encounter. I have held on to my belief and Dad has decided to ignore me until I did what God had instructed him to tell me. MY CONVICTION OR HIS? God doesn’t change, does He?


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13 thoughts on “Step Back, Dad! (2)

  1. Mmmmm. I like to see the end of this unfolding drama. I hope it ends the way I ‘prefer’.

  2. magnanimous on said:

    Hmmm… with this suspense my dear, I wonder how many more awaits us! Nice One!

  3. Ralph on said:

    Segun!!! Segun!!! I still can’t hear what u have 2 say oooooo……

    Maybe Chi should really pause 4 a while n listen 2 Dad, I guess there must b a reason beyond ‘tribe’….

  4. Dis Is a tough one, really very tough……….I dont envy dat babe called Chi, dos shoes she’s wearing is thight.

  5. joshito on said:

    There’s no need to argue. What wud b wud b!! Play ur card well by praying and developing ur faith and waiting on God to bring ur hope to reality.

  6. Vannille on said:

    Seems lyk am in a shoe much similar 2 Chi’s so i’l jst sit back nd listen hw d story unfolds.

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  8. lol @ her inner thoughts. good job anu, Chinwe sounds very real cuz i would’ve thought the exact same things

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