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The Nun That Bleeds…Strange!

OK. This is weird.

A nun that bleeds from her head, eyes and hands while prophesying… and this is not Nollywood. No. It is live in Enugu.

1For those who like to read full gists, you can find the complete story here and for those who are just lazy readers like me 🙂 , here’s a summary.

Her name is Martina Oforka and she is a catholic nun from Anambra State. According to her guardian, the nun started showing some strange signs at the age of nine and was persecuted by her pentecostal guardian because she decided to remain catholic.

In 1997, she first experienced a strange encounter when some strange hands kept beating her, leaving wounds and marks on her body and it was after weeks of supplication that the situation changed to bleeding and pains on her head, sides, eyes and hands. One of the priests called Father Benjy tried explaining her ‘call’. According to him, Sister Martina was sleeping in the living room of the DDL convent at Uwani, Enugu, when around 12 midnight a picture hanging on the wall fell down. When she woke up and moved to replace it, she turned on the light and another picture also fell mysteriously. It was then that a voice from no specific direction spoke to her saying: “My child, I came to you several times but you refused to come, why?” This was repeated three times and she replied: “Lord, if you are the one calling me, I am tired of you because your ways are full of suffering”.

Whenever this bleeding starts, she prophesies and has also performed many miracles, freeing people from cultism and curses. She is also very charitable, runs a school and feeds over 40 people everyday. Many see her as a blessing to this generation.

End of story (I don try).

Well, this ermmm… ‘situation’ is called ‘Stigmata’ which describes body marks, sores, or sensations of pain in locations corresponding to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus Christ, such as the hands, wrists, and feet and is associated with the Roman Catholic faith. (Thank you, Wikipedia!)

So, this story got me thinking. Is this for real? I know many strange things happen and I know God’s ways are unsearchable, but this is simply unbelievable. When Paul, in his letter to the Galatians, said “I bear on my body the marks of Jesus”, did he mean physical marks of torture or something else? Jesus said ‘It is finished’ on the cross and for me, that marks the end to that kind of pain for His children.  That’s my opinion anyway. What do you think?


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12 thoughts on “The Nun That Bleeds…Strange!

  1. Ugochi on said:

    Hmm, I try to avoid debating on religious issues because it is only God that knows the truth. The only thing one can do is to look out to see what occurs around the person, are there selfish gains, is the person seeking to be worshipped, is the person preaching and practicing the word? I saw on the other site that some people felt it was fake that means same people would have thought same if they were there when Jesus walked the night. Don’t get me wrong I’m not comparing, I’m just saying strange things happen in this world. But like the bible says stand firm where you are, don’t allow yourself to be blown about. Live a life after God’s heart and preach to people through your words and actions. God bless us all

    • Nice thought there, Ugochi and heart-searching questions too. Guess what matters in the end is what you have summarised…living a life after God’s heart and preaching to people through words and actions.

  2. Ugochi on said:

    * when Jesus walked the earth

  3. Hmm…wonders never end

  4. Hmmmmmmm

  5. I droped a msg yesterday na…….u no post am ni,just checking to see if anyone follows my line of thinking.

  6. Vincent on said:

    These things do Not arrive everyday. Give proof. Look up Saint Padre Pio..A Capuchin monk who died in 1968. As others who have been chosen by God to carry these most painful wounds for the conversion of sinners, have been poked, prodded, examined, ex rayed name it, and they have no explanations for how and why this happens. One sure way to determine an authentic stigmata is after the person has bled, and many times quite profusely…the next day or two, there will be no signs from these intense bleedings. Padre Pio had holes that went right through his hands. Many of these chosen ones have been known to bilocate also. Too much to write about, I highly suggest reading up on it. ..and have there been fakes, yes. There has only been around 350 some stigmatics ever to be proven Authentic and most of them are women. The suffering they endure is insurmountable. And the good that comes from it incomparable! Thank you Lord, for these precious and holy souls that have done so much good for this world and for souls!

  7. Vincent on said:

    Sorry, these darn auto-corrects..suppose to read “these things do not arise everyday.”

  8. Okoloudeh Collins Anioke on said:

    Pls!!! How do I get her number or get intouch with face to face……
    Here’s my number..07033933581 or 08103579717…..
    Pls deeply need ur help.

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