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Step Back, Dad! (3)

2Click here if you missed the last edition. Enjoy this!

“Miss Chinwe!, Are you listening to me at all? I was startled out of my reverie and looked up to see seven pairs of eyes fixed curiously on me.

“I’m sorry, ermmm… what did you mean, sir?” I was embarrassed.

We were having the mid-day Management meeting and as the Personal Assistant to the Managing Director, I was made the secretary to the board.

My boss, Chief Adekunle, scrowled at me and repeated in an irritated voice. “Are there wools in your ears or you are just deaf? I asked you to read the last point in the minutes again.”

“Okay, sir. I am sorry.” I apologised quickly and turned the pages of my report. Sometimes, i felt my boss was really insultive and most times, I would bite my tongue to keep myself from retorting. What kept me calm mostly is a question always ringing in my head – WWJD -What would Jesus do?

In this situation, He would probably smile and read. I did same and tried to pay attention for the rest of the meeting, though it was a difficult thing to do. My heart was heavy and it was all because of dad, and also Segun. At the end of the meeting, I quickly packed my books and dashed out before any of them could ask me questions I was not ready to answer.

At 4.55pm, a face peeped through my office door.

“Hi, Chi.”

I stopped arranging my table and was surprised at who I saw.

“Mr Steve!” Oh no! The Managing Director’s son and the General Manager of the Company. He was at this morning’s meeting and had stared at me with a funny look. I was embarrassed again. Question time!

“Got time for a movie this evening?” He asked with a little smile.

OMG! A movie time with him? That was the least thing I expected. He had folded his sleeves and he looked more relaxed and errmm… attractive. I closed my eyes sharply. Concentrate!

“Is that a date, sir?” I needed to be sure.

He opened the door wider and his big frame filled the entrance. “Well, you can take it as a colleagues’ hangout. Two other persons will be joining us. Plus it appears you really need to get some heavy stuff off your mind.”

“Oh!” More like boss and employee. Did I feel a little disappointed? To think he was asking me out. It had been a while I ‘hanged out’ with Segun, not that it was his fault anyway. He had been out of the country for over a week for a business convention. What was his fault was that he hardly initiated a phone call and when I did, he rarely picked, only for him to call back in the night to apologise. “Sorry, darling. You know how busy it is with conventions. I hardly have time to make calls, so I always leave my phone in the hotel. Hope your day was beautiful?” … and the conversation would start. Once we ended the discussion, I would feel an emptiness and close my eyes to pray and each time I did that, a peace filled my soul. Jesus has always been there for me.

“So, what’s your answer?”

I never knew he had moved closer. I shifted back uncomfortably. “Count me in, sir.”

“Okay, Chi. Meet me downstairs in five minutes.”

“Alright, Mr Steve.” I started packing my books.

He walked towards the door. “Call me, Steve. I call you Chi.”

I raised my head and saw him smile as he walked out. I chuckled. Never knew he was friendly. He just arrived from the United States and joined the Company a month ago. Steve… hmmm.

The ride to the Ikeja City Mall was full of fun and I laughed uncontrollably as Steve cracked many jokes and got us to a relaxed mood. He even cracked a joke about the meeting and said he thought I had looked like a hen about to lay eggs.

As the only lady, he gave me the honour to pick the movie I wanted and I picked a Tyler Perry movie.

“Very good choice!” Steve commended.

We settled in to watch ‘Temptation’ and as I adjusted my seat to a more relaxed position, I froze at what I saw.

Just a row in front and at the edge sat Segun and Tayo watching the movie over two packs of popcorn and drinks.  Segun kept pressing his phone and appeared disappointed when his call didn’t go through.

Oh no! This had turned into a nightmare. I could not take this anymore.

“Are you okay?” Steve asked. Concern filled his face. “You look like you are about to fight a bull?”

“I’m fine.” My reply was sharp.

No, I was not fine. I was shattered. Jesus, please come to my rescue, or else I would kill somebody before today ends.


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36 thoughts on “Step Back, Dad! (3)

  1. Ugochi on said:

    What? Hmmm, can’t wait for the end

  2. chinedu on said:

    Hmmmmmmmmm, dat was kool but u should have finish the story but just tell chinwe 2 take it easy

  3. Why?

    Suspense…… Finish it please……

  4. patience on said:

    So lvly nd captivating, pls kip me posted

  5. Hmmmm! This is getting interesting. I can see Chi in a ‘fix’. The. circumstance around her appears weird. My fear; assumptions begets suspicions en metamorphoses into frustrations. I sooo hope she gets it right. (Bec, sits back in her cushion to watch its series…*winks*)
    Thumb up dear

    • Hi, Bec. Wonderful analogy there. The plot is about to get thicker and I hope you are thrilled all the way. Thanks for visiting.

  6. Now someone really needs to die…and accordin to John 16:2, …the hour has come dat wen i kill him, i will claim dat i offered service to God. All these church brothers sha. #smh

  7. Ralph on said:

    Hhahahahahha……. “This na temptation” Yepa…… The same Segun or a clown. Thot he was in obodo oyinbo???? Oh my!!! Now I’m MEGA curious 4 episode 4……

    Pls ChiChi beke don’t fight ooo esp in d Cinemas just enjoy d movie n ermmmm….. (Me too will leave my advice as a suspense jhor)

  8. Jesus-Ever on said:

    Never count you chicks before the hatch. Segun isn’t her husband. Chinwe needs to grow up.

  9. Gloria on said:

    OMG cant wait to read the rest, pls.

  10. * sipping coffee*waiting patiently*

  11. Debroslink on said:

    Finish this thing now. The suspense is unbearable.

  12. Okoro Akachi on said:

    The heart of man is decietful and desperatly wicked.

  13. Fidelia Vaughan on said:

    I dnt tink Chi nids a man like Segun in her life.She shuld be grateful 2 God 4 makin her see who Segun is.Sometimes in life, it is not who we luv or date dat turns out 2 be our husband.Chi enjoy d movie,tho it might be difficult to cope but ask 4 God’s guidance.Can’t wait to see d end of dis.

    • Hi, Fidelia. Thanks for your input. I liked it when I read this sentence – Sometimes in life, it is not who we luv or date dat turns out 2 be our husband – and you are very right. Let’s wait to see how this all turns out.

    • Ralph on said:

      So uf we don’t marry who we love. What does that make of us? How would Chi live with any other if her mind’s with Segun???
      In love with “X” but married to “Y”. Kai…..

  14. Treasure on said:

    Intriguing.I had to read this a second time before putting in my comment. Segun could be me or any other person plotting, scheming& drawing up a backup plan so that we don’t end up still single. While I don’t commend this approach, I feel Chinwe can choose to discuss with Segun and get to know the truth, or choose to live in denial or rage. The best option to my mind is that Chinwe finds time to discuss with Segun,with an open mind, just looking into his eyes and reading his body language. Every woman has the gift of intuition, she’ll know what the truth is not just in what he says but how he says it especially because they go back a long way.

    • Hmmm…’Every woman has the gift of intuition’. Indeed true. It is God’s gift to womanhood. Hopefully, Chinwe will be intuitive enough to decipher truth from lies. Thanks for your comment.

  15. dolce shalom on said:

    this is putting me into a whole new dimension of imagination… its like a movie… wow… great great work… i could read it over and over again.. .i missed the previous ones (thanks to u)…uhm i really wanna start from beginning so i need a link… thanks.

    • Hello and thanks for visiting this blog. Very glad also to note you are blessed by this content. At the top of each new episode, I always post the link to the previous one, so readers can catch up with what happened in the past. Thanks for subscribing, so you will always get an email notification once any blog post is up. Remain blessed.

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  17. Folashade Light on said:

    …and be careful lest any root of bitterness springing up disturb you. Be careful for absolutely not.
    Chinwe needs some preaching to…it’s nothing but a storm in a tea-cup.
    Besides, Seguns leaves one in a lotta doubt. Strikes me as some brother who takes pleasure in stringing sisters on. Hehehehe.
    Good work Anu, good work.

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