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In My Father’s Image

Some weeks ago, I paid a special visit to my parents in Badagry and it was an awesome time. Besides being free from the hassles and pollution associated with the crowded part of Lagos, I learned a most wonderful lesson I would like to share with you.

1Every morning in the three-day holiday, I watched my parents, closely as they conversed, laughed, ate and even did little things like answering a minute phone call. I took in every flicker of the eye, their secret love language and admired their companionable silence. As I watched my father chat with his sweetheart in his usual boisterous manner, I saw a reflection of myself in him.

And not only mine, I was amazed at the fact that I could see traces of everyone of my eight siblings both in dad and mum. Traces that stared at me even in the minutest details such that you wouldn’t need a DNA test to ascertain our paternity.

I asked myself…If I could be a reflection of my earthly father, how much more should I be a spitting image of my heavenly ONE? The bible says “we r made in HIS image”, How much of HIM do I exude?  Can people look at me and see JESUS?  Do I laugh like HIM, talk like HIM, and walk like HIM? Or am I just a visitor in HIS home with no form of resemblance whatever?

This reminds me of a song I learned while in the youth choir. It tells clearly the mind of God concerning how His children should look like. It reads “I love you my children and I want you to be, a radiant reflection, a living image of ME”.

I have made up my mind to be like Christ in every way. So when next you see me, don’t be surprised if you see some changes. I carry Jesus’ DNA. I am His beloved son, in whom He is well pleased.

Written by Raphael Francis. You can also follow  him on twitter


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20 thoughts on “In My Father’s Image

  1. seun on said:


  2. tosin on said:

    “Reflect in me your IMAGE Lord, your gentleness and mercy, mirror in me your GRACE, mirror in me compassion as I gaze on YOU”

  3. emmanuel okorie on said:

    what a beautiful piece. thinking about it, yes there are some reflection of christ in us but our Lord wants 100%, and we must keep looking at him. our parants image in us came from our constantly looking and observing them all the years we were baing brought.

  4. Joshua David on said:

    Lord I want to be a strong reflection of you. Help me Lord.

  5. chinedu on said:

    Nice one 4rm him

  6. Beryl on said:

    I desire to be…
    A radiant reflection…
    Of you.

    I desire to be…
    A living image…
    Of you.

  7. Chi-Law on said:

    Jesus DNA! Great piece…

  8. ebenezer on said:

    Wow! Food for thought

  9. obedexmusic on said:

    Make me a blessing!

  10. Chuks on said:

    Nice piece Raph. God bless u.

  11. Reblogged this on The REDigion Blog and commented:

    An evergreen article with powerful lessons to help our walk with God. Read and be blessed.

  12. I lovely this write up …. Got the same DNA . Proud to show he’s my father..

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