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Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Ever been in a situation where any choice you make leaves a bad taste in your mouth?

That point where you know no matter what you do, only one result can be achieved – you either fail or lose something you consider dear.

So, you start thinking of a way out so that even if you fail, you do not fall with your face to the ground. Options you would never have considered start to appear colourful and you begin to find flimsy excuses to do what is wrong. After all, you do not have a choice, right? You justify yourself with the popular cliché -‘God understands’.


God does not understand when you lie in order to win that contract for your company while you trade your salvation for hell.

God does not understand when you compromise your faith because you do not want to lose your job. That extra stroke on that little paper could be the last you would write.

God does not understand when in the exam hall, you cheat because it is the third time you are repeating the exam and failure would mean expulsion.

God does not understand when you try to kill that unborn child because you are not ready to be a mother.

God does not understand when you stretch your hands to collect a bribe because you have not eaten good food for days.

God does not understand when you marry more than one wife because your status says you should and you feel you have no choice.

God does not understand your flimsy excuses.

You know what God understands?

He understands that despite all the challenges you face, you are able to stand for Him and defend the truth. He understands it is not easy but says His grace is sufficient. He understands that your cross is heavy and is pleading for Him to help you carry. He understands you will go through pain, but like Job, your latter will be better than your former. So, don’t give up because He will never leave you. 

When next you are torn between the devil and the deep blue sea, lift up your eyes to the hills. There, possibilities await you.

Have a good day!



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10 thoughts on “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

  1. Ralph on said:

    Timely and incisive. No excuses. Jesus is Lord

  2. Nengi on said:

    God understands ‘His grace is sufficient in every situation’… Thought-provoking………

  3. Oh yeah!!! God Understands, regardless. “…..but God is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye ar able…” Says 1cor 10.13
    God permitts trials,test n temptations cos He’s aware we could come out strong.
    His GRACE is sufficient 4us.
    Thanks Dear for this.

  4. Bura on said:

    Yes, I agree with you, he understands our pain & has promised never to leave or forsake us.

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