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Step Back, Dad! (5)

Welcome to ‘Step Back, Dad!’ :). This is the fifth episode. Please click here to return to the previous episode. Thank you for following. I would not have gone far without you. Remain blessed and enjoy this new edition. Cheers!

I woke up on Sunday morning with mixed feelings. I just had a terrible dream and strangely, I was sweating, though the fan above me was in full speed. I sat on the bed and played the ‘movie’ on my mind.  It was like those Hollywood films. I had been driving on a lone road for hours without a living being in sight, yet I could not stop for fear of being robbed. Suddenly, I noticed a light flickering through the window of a little house not far away on the side on the road and made up my mind to stop by, hoping the occupant would be kind enough to accommodate me. It was dusk and I needed to find good shelter quickly.

5As I drew closer, I lost control of the car and it zoomed past the house in the twinkling of an eye. I realised I had not been in control at all. A force was in charge and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Pulling on the brake was useless and I began screaming for help, but the more I shouted, the faster the car was. Then, I saw it was heading me towards a cliff. I tried to open the door but it was secure and all the buttons did not work. Nearer and faster it went until …

“Jesus!” I jumped off the bed in fright and took deep breaths. I was in my bedroom, not a car and I was safe. Thank you, Jesus.

I knelt down beside the bed and whispered a word of prayer. That was something I had grown into. Praying immediately after I had a terrible dream, just like my mother taught me. It had always worked like magic. I hoped it did this time.

As I prepared for church, I remembered my plan for the day. It was amusing to note that many people attend church for different reasons. Some to show off their new clothing or car, some to make new friends or meet prospective business clients, some to criticise the choir song and there are some who really come to worship God in spirit and truth. Which category did I belong today? Apparently, those that come to look for trouble. Father, forgive me.

Tayo’s father, who is the Assistant Pastor, handled today’s message and I really was blessed. He spoke on Matthew 6:33, seeking God’s kingdom first and I asked myself if I had been doing that lately. So many cares we pursue and we forget the most important thing.

Immediately after service, I looked around for Segun and found him in the corner chatting happily with Tayo. A familiar feeling rose in me. Jealousy. I had to settle this once and for all.

I picked up my bag and started walking towards them when all of a sudden, I bumped into a big person.

“Ouch!” My bag fell on the floor. I stammered an apology as I bent to pick. “I…I’m sorry.”

The person also bent at the same time and our eyes locked.

“Mr Steve! I mean ermmm Steve, What are you doing here?” He was the last person I would have thought to see in church.

He didnt seem surprised to see me. “Hello, Chi. I came here to do what you came to do. Worship.”

“Ha! I see. Nice.” I tiptoed to see Segun and Tayo walk out the church and I resisted the urge to leave Steve standing there.

Steve teased with a grin. “You don’t think bad boys like me should be in church? I think I need Jesus more than you do.”

“You sure do. Who invited you?” Segun and Tayo were no where in sight and I became more agitated.

“A friend.”

“Good. Great.” I shifted to the side to take another view of the entrance.

“You always do that when something is biting you.”

“Do what?” Didn’t he know he was wasting my time?

“Speak in monosyllables.”

“Really?” Only one other person had noticed that. Segun.

Now, I had to look for a flimsy excuse. “If you don’t mind, please, I need to be home early today.”

“Okay.” He shifted to the side. “I understand there are many things to do before work resumes tomorrow, like making your hair.”

“Sure.” I managed a smile. Did he notice I had carried it for over two weeks now? I was embarrassed. “See you at work, sir.”

He simply nodded and watched me leave. I could not help but take in his cologne as I passed by him. He smelt rather good for someone with a overbearing attitude.

When I stepped outside, Segun and Tayo were no where in sight and once again, I blamed Steve. I wish we had not bumped into each other. By this time, I should have accomplished my mission and…

“Sis Chinwe, good to see you.”

I stiffened and turned to my left. “Ha!, Sister Tayo. Good to see you too. Hope you enjoyed the service. Your dad was full of anointing today.” Blah Blah…to the mission!

“You wont believe he did not sleep all night. He prayed all through. He is such a challenge to me.”

“Me too.”

There was an awkward silence. I faked a cough. “Ermm… about yesterday’s call, I… ”

She interrupted. “Yes, about that. You really need to give Segun some air. You are holding him too tightly and you are not even married yet.”

Did she just scold me? I spoke with a confident voice. “We are not married yet, but he is my fiance.”

She smiled. “How nice! But daddy hasn’t given his approval, has he?”

“Excuse me?” Anger swelled in me.

“He told me everything, Sis Tayo. Daddy doesn’t want his little girl to marry out of his tribe.”

How could Segun do this to me?

Tayo patted my shoulder. “Can I tell you a secret?”

I could not respond. The battle was over and it was clear who the winner was.

“Trust me when I say I should be the least of your worries.”

“What do you mean?” I could hear my loud hearbeat and I felt the sudden urge to use the restroom.

“Some forces are at work and we are their pawns. I am your friend here. We are on the same side of the fence. So relax with me, okay?.”

How could I relax with someone whose goal is to overthrow me? Enough parables! “Speak in clear terms, Tayo”. This was no longer a ‘sister’ thing.

“I have two words for you. Just two words.” She raised two fingers and adjusted her hat. “Be Careful.”

“Careful of what?” I could no longer take the suspense. “Just spill!”

She started walking away. “You will know with time.”

I stood transfixed for over a minute and all of a sudden, my head began to ache. My phone buzzed in my bag. I brought it out and found a message.
Matthew 6:33 “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

I almost wept. Oh God! I need You now more than ever.


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7 thoughts on “Step Back, Dad! (5)

  1. I really enjoy the way the words were coined.Very thoughtful,descriptive and persuasive!Making it so real.Nice one.

  2. Reading the introductory part of this episode, I was just praying in my mind “Jesus take the wheel” not knowing it was even a dream…..
    All I can say to sis Chinwe is to Relax, it can only get better (Tribe or no tribe).

    Very captivating, nice write up dear

  3. Ralph on said:

    “Be careful”…… What an advice……. Interesting

  4. mercy on said:

    Why is sis Tayo tryin 2 tak broda Segun away frm sis chinwe?I pray things shd wrkd out well 4 chinwe cnt wait 4 d nex episode

  5. She is always feeling that familiar feeling,Jealousy. Make she take am cool. Life is sweet oo. No need for accidents, and heart attacks

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  7. eiyahhh, dis one wey ‘bro’ abi na ‘mr’ steve don dey come the church. hmmmn

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