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Step Back, Dad! (6)

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I had the same dream again or rather a different variation. This time, I found myself locked in a cage that was speeding towards God-knows-where. The air was tight and I could hardly breathe. I flung myself at the cage and the faster it went, the weaker I became. I tried to call the name of Jesus but it came out as a whisper. I knew this was it. I was going to die.

10The loud bang on the door woke me and my father peeped in. “Chinwe, it’s 6.15. You are late for work.”

‘Oh! Thanks dad. I overslept.” My head floated in midair as I tried to regain control and waited till things began to take shape.

“Over-hurry then. You would not want a query on Monday morning, would you?” He closed the door.

I tried to stand but fell back on the bed. This was not good. Two bad dreams at a row. I needed to speak with someone. No, not dad. He spiritualizes things too much. I needed someone with a different perspective. Mrs. Folarin, perhaps…my mother’s best friend. She was also a deaconess in the church and though she had no child, had been of great help to many spinsters. She was the perfect person to speak with.

I picked up my phone under my pillow to dial her number. There was a message waiting for me. Philippians 4:6 ‘Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known unto God.’ Who sends these messages anyway? I tried the number twice, but no one picked. Probably one of those phone evangelists.

I dialed Mrs. Folarin and it didn’t ring long before she picked.

“Hello, daughter. How are you?”

Her voice reminded me of my mum. Reassuring… just what I needed.

“Good morning, mummy. I am fine. Please I need to see you urgently today.”

“Really?” She was concerned. “Is there a problem?”

YES!!! I’M GONNA DIE!  “No. I mean just a little issue. I will stop at your shop this evening when returning from work.”

“No, come directly to the house. I will be waiting for you. I have something God dropped in my heart about you this morning.”

“Really?” My heart skipped a bit. “I will try to come early.”

“See you then and remain blessed.” She cut the line.

I dropped the phone slowly. So, God had something for me? Whatever it was, I hoped it was not connected to the dreams. My heart seemed heavier all of a sudden.

At work that day, everything seemed to be too slow for me. 5pm looked like forever and the boring meetings didn’t seem to help. Steve kept giving me a funny look. Couldn’t he just mind his business?

At 4.30pm, my table was clear (a feat I had not achieved since I started working in the company). I called Mrs. Folarin and she confirmed she was already at home and expecting me. At five minutes to closing time, Steve barged into my office with an angry face.

“Miss Chinwe, I sent you an urgent mail about 30 minutes ago and no response yet.” His hands were on my desk.

“Oh, really?” I looked at my system. I had shut down 30 minutes ago. “What was it about?” Wrong question.

He straightened. “It’s late already. I need that report first thing tomorrow morning, okay?”

“Alright, sir. You will get it.” Which report? I was not sure of what he needed but was not about to ask either.

Then he folded his arms and his face softened. “Got time for dinner with your boss?”

How arrogant! “Ermm… I would have loved to, but I have an appointment…an URGENT appointment.”

“A date?”

“Well, a meeting.” I was not about to tell him what.

“Good luck then. Maybe tomorrow? I will be meeting a couple of friends, so we won’t be alone.”

“Tomorrow is fine. ” Did I just agree? Oh my!

He smiled and I felt some butterflies in my stomach. He headed for the door and turned. “Don’t forget my report.”

“Okay, sir. First thing tomorrow.”

What have I just done? A date with Steve? Whether with friends or not, I just agreed to do something I consider ‘bad’, hanging out with someone other than my fiancé. Segun wouldn’t mind, would he? After all, he is guilty of that too, but does that grant me permission to do same?

5 minutes late! I dashed out of my office and by 6.15pm, I was at my counselor’s home. She welcomed me with so much warmth that I felt happy for the first time that day. When we finally settled down to talk, I told her of my dreams, of my relationship, of my dad, of everything.

She listened attentively and occasionally interrupted to ask me a few questions. At the end of everything, she picked up her Bible and read a passage – Phillipians 4:6, same message I got this morning. God was indeed speaking to me. I asked myself, how well have I prayed about this? Have my emotions not beclouded my judgment? Have I been trusting God enough to take control of my life? Has the flesh not taken over in this? The answers made me bow my head in shame.

Mrs. Folarin prayed with me and I felt a peace I hadn’t felt in a long while. I promised God from that moment, He would take the wheel of my life. As I stepped out of the house, I met the last person I needed to see. Tayo stood outside the door with a surprised look on her face.

“What are you doing here?” We blurted out at the same time.

“Well, I came to see mummy.” She replied.

“Me too.” I stepped aside for her to enter. “I had a wonderful time with her. I am sure you will too.”

“No doubt about that.” She managed a smile. “Have a good evening.”

Tayo with her curt manner of ending conversations. I would not let her get to me. Never again.

“You too.” I walked away without a backward glance, though I knew she kept looking until I stepped out of the gate.

My phone rang loudly. It was Segun and a smile crept up my face.

“Hello, darling.” His deep voice melted me.

“Hi again, baby. Good day at work? You sounded dull earlier today.” He had called me twice at work.

‘No more dullness again. I am very fine now.”

“Wonderful. So, you have time to hang out with your fiancé tomorrow evening?”

“Oh no! Sorry, I have an appointment. What about Wednesday?”

“Awww… too bad. Maybe Wednesday then. Will let you know. Talk to you later, okay? I’m driving now.”

“Okay, bye dearie.” I cut the call and heaved a sigh. Wished I had not given a ‘yes’ to Steve.

It’s all good. God is in control of my life now and He knows everything that happens to me. My mind drifted back to Tayo and the strange look she had when she saw me. Well, whatever she had in mind was her cup of tea. I sang all the way to my house. IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL.



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21 thoughts on “Step Back, Dad! (6)

  1. blessing collins on said:

    One day d story will end. Just pray for patience on my side to wait. Interesting!

  2. Ugochi on said:

    Hahaha, nice. It is really well with her soul

  3. mercy on said:

    A patience dog eat d fatex bone miss chinwe has 2 b patience n let God fight 4 ha since God is aware. Its rily WELL WIT HA SOUL. 9ce wrk

  4. Interestingly a traumatic experience

  5. Opeyemi on said:

    Patience is pay the price now to play later. Hmmmmmmm!

  6. Opeyemi on said:

    Let go and Let God in.

  7. Patience is a good virtue but I tell you, it’s very hard to put to practice when u find urself in a situation that demands it but I believe in all things that the grace of God is always sufficient

    • Very right, Funky. It is easy to advise one to be patient, but when one is in the heat of things, then the real test comes. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. With a broad smile on face,i have written this, and in a tensed emotion am i asking,why the suspence!! its becoming unbearable,this is d first time i’m making myself aware of it all along.

  9. ebenezer on said:

    Hmmmm….lol…it is well o….lol

  10. Folashade Light on said:

    Well, well, well. This sure reminds me of Jeremiah 29:11. God sure has a very beautiful plan for Chinwe’s life. I can see it unfolding already with the eyes of faith. Thank God she’s got those pairs of faith-eyes already by talking to Mrs Folarin.
    We need more godly elderly women, like those talked about in the book of First Peter to whom we can just unburden without holding back.
    Chinwe dearest, it is well with your soul as well as ours too.
    As always, kudos to you Miss Aanu.

  11. Fidelis ik on said:

    Hope deferred surely makes the heart sick.

  12. i really like this episode. anu, pls speed up the next post and like folashade light said, we really need more women like mrs folarin. every now and again, one needs a friend or a counsellor or even just a good listener. i’m glad she’s found her peace though, with that no matter what happens, i believe she’ll be just fine

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  14. …this is getting more interesting…

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