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Step Back, Dad! (8)

(FROM THE WRITER: Welcome to episode 8. It has been a wonderful journey for us all. I am most indebted to all my ardent readers. What would I do without you? Thank you for being there all the way. If you missed the last episode, please click here. Also, please remember to invite others, so they can join our fellowship ;). Have an enjoyable read. Cheers!)

15Every girl has a dream.

… A Cinderella dream to be whisked away by a handsome prince who would never break her heart and they would live ‘happily-ever-after’. There would be no 12 midnight deadline and no evil stepsister who would try to steal the glass shoe. Well, that only existed in fairy tales. In real life, there are many ‘Happily-Never-Afters’ and mine appears to be towing that line.

A little cough brought me back to the reality and I noticed all eyes were fixed on me.

“We are waiting, Chinwe.” Steve nudged me with his arm and I felt like hitting him.

What were they waiting for? If what they wanted was bombs of spiteful words, I’ve got loads of those at the tip of my tongue for everyone at the table. EVERYONE.

I put on a fake smile and mumbled. “Waiting for?” Heat flooded my face and I felt silly.

Segun quickly responded. “What you think about the epileptic power supply we have been facing in the country.”

Discussion on PHCN? What a topic! How about we discussed more interesting things like why my prince is on an outing with my evil step sister! Or where on earth Segun and Steve knew each other. The world is not just a small place. It is now a face-me-I-face-you apartment.

“Your orders, please. “ The waiter stood beside us with his pen and pad and I almost hugged him for jumping to my rescue. As I picked up the menu, I realised I had no appetite. I lowered the book and peeped at Segun. His head was bent a little towards Tayo and they seemed to be deliberating on what they should eat. Hello, I’m the Cinderella here! I should be the one at his side. I should be the one to decide what he eats like he had always allowed me. Sometimes, we would play the game of ‘mini-mini-mani-mo’ and would end up with courses outside our choices, but with Segun, everything was always delicious.

“Would you like the Tuna Tatare? It’s a fantastic menu.” Steve looked at me with a funny look in his eyes. I could almost take it as concern, but I knew it was all a ruse.

“Well, I’ve never taken it before. I could give it a try.” I dropped the menu book disinterestedly.

“Trust me, you would love it. I’m taking same.” He beckoned on the waiter and as he made the orders for us, I watched with silent anger as Segun and Tayo concluded on the same meal.

Every time our eyes locked, Segun always quickly averted his but his frown did not go unnoticed. I knew he was trying hard to keep calm like me. We were alike in so many ways and the fact scares me sometimes.

“So, where did you two meet each other?” I blurted out without thinking. “Ermm… I mean you and Steve?” I asked Segun with a forced smile.

“Ha! We met at Uniben, same faculty, different departments.” He chuckled. “He didn’t wait to complete his education before his father shipped him off abroad. He was a bad boy then o!”

“Well, you can say that again.” Steve laughed hard. “On the other hand, you were the Jesus boy, always trying to preach to me and I remember one day, I almost had my boys beat you up because you were having fellowship in the same hall I wanted to have my birthday party.”

“Well, thank God you didn’t. I would have bound and loosed that day and you would have seen angels performing karate on you.”

Everyone laughed, even I managed a smile. Perhaps, pretending nothing was wrong would be the best option.

“So what about you, Chinwe, did you meet your fellow church members in the church or outside?” Steve directed the question at me.

“Well, I knew Sister Tayo and Brother Tunde in the church, but for Segun, I umm…” I took a sip of water with shaky hands “We go a long way back.”

There was an uncomfortable silence and Segun cleared his throat.

Bro Tunde chipped in. “Sister Chinwe is the daughter of our pastor. Her father owns the church. Sister Tayo is the daughter of our assistant pastor.”

“I see.” Steve smiled. What does he always ‘see’? Didn’t he notice his questions were starting a fire? What in Heaven am I doing there? I should excuse myself.

“So, should I assume you guys are in a relationship?” Steve faced Segun and Tayo. “I can feel some vibes coming from you.”

What! This was it. I could take no more.

Tayo beamed and placed her hands in Segun’s. “Something like that.”

I nearly choked on my drink. Shut up, Liar!

Segun quickly disagreed and he removed his hand politely. “Actually, Tayo and I are close friends, but I am engaged to another.”

“How nice!” I could not take the betrayal anymore. “Does she know you are out with a close friend?” I taunted. “I bet she wouldn’t mind.”

Segun’s voice was a little louder. “Actually, she confirmed she had an urgent appointment this evening, one she could not cancel.”

“Your orders, please.” The waiter came with several others and placed our meals on the table. I raised my eyes to Segun and his were fixed squarely on me. I could feel the heat in them.

“I would love to meet her someday.” Steve passed a plate to Segun. “This woman who has captured this Jesus boy’s heart. I bet she doesn’t know you are out with another woman. No sane woman will accept that, trust me. But, if she’s a Jesus girl, I bet she will easily forgive and forget.”

That was the final straw. I stood up. “Excuse me, please. I need to use the ladies.”

I didn’t wait for any response. I needed to be out of there before the tears came spilling down and I would embarrass myself. I could not bear the pain any longer. Why did it have to be me? God, I have done everything right. I have denied myself for so many years, kept myself chaste, despite the many advances at school. Was I too naive to see where this was heading all along? To think it all started at this same place… Please Jesus, tell me where I went wrong.

The door opened slightly and I could do little to hide my teary face on time. Tayo stood at the entrance. Talk of the devil! She had come to mock me more.


“Calm down, sister and hear me out.” She locked the door behind her. “Please just give me a listening ear. You will be interested in what I have to say.”

“I don’t have interest in what husband snatchers have to say.” I turned my back against her. “Just go away. You have won.”

“Actually, you do and by the time I’m done, you will thank me for it.”

I faced her slowly. I did not know what to expect from her. I wasn’t sure whose side she was on. This minute she would be antagonistic and the next, supportive. I needed to be very careful with her. Evil step sister.


When she saw she had my full attention, she smiled. “Five minutes is all I need.”


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47 thoughts on “Step Back, Dad! (8)

  1. Five minutes is ALL u need, you have used up 2minutes. S+P+I+L+L

    • Tinom Shokfai on said:

      ur’s is jst 2 minutes, mine is 2 whole unending days now. Chinwe is really patient. It’s a gud thing I’m not Chinwe cuz I’d have slapped d confession out of her. lol, kidding. bt serzly, dis suspension is gettingon my nerves.

  2. Ugochi on said:

    Are you kidding? Just as I was adjusting my popcorn to enjoy more drama, this suspense won’t kill me sha. Well, on a more serious note, this marriage ish eh, it’s not a small thing. A disappointment might just be God’s way of taking you out of a wrong one. Same applies to all areas of our lives. It is well with us IJN, Amen

  3. joshito on said:

    OMG!! my heart is beating so high and so fast!!! Wats going on in dis meeting? Indeed d world is nolonger a small world but a FACE-ME- I- FACE-U, God save me Oo

  4. Hmmm.. What next now? Patiently waiting

  5. Hmmm, five minutes? What next? Waiting for the next action…

  6. Opeyemi on said:

    Hmmmmmmmmm. This relationship thing calls for being patient. No pain No gain.

  7. Hehehehehea….(giggling all the way) Tayo the player gal. Oh yeah! That’s wat I get to see in her. #MouthSealed# (crosses my legs as I patiently wait for the nxt episode)

  8. Dis suspence ehhhh kai, Tayo b careful and Chinwe be patient hmmmm

  9. My dear Chinwe, just hang in dere and hear wat Tayo gat to say……my heart beats so hard for her ooo. Who knows what Tayo is up to sef……..#legs crossed 4 d next episode too#

    There’s dis feeling that comes to mind after reading this, I just wonder why the ladies are most times @ d suffering end in a relationship. I think the guys should step up their game and do their best to make their relationship work. #my opinion#

    • u r very correct. Somehw I’m beginning 2 think dat Segun doesn’t deserve 2 be with Chinwe. And as 4 dat Tayo, I’ll reserve my comment. Probably, Chinwe shld read-in-between d lines of Steve’s extended hands of friendship n care n 4get abt dat Segun.

    • Yeah, right? I mean the girls are always the ones who ‘suffer’, while the boys appear to ‘move on’. I would not take that 100% though. Personally, I think girls are more emotional and cannot hide their feelings, unlike guys who would pretend to be ‘cool’, but are aching inside. It’s both ways.

  10. okay. I think I’m getting fed up with this suspense. wat in d world? PLZ, release d next episode immediately, or u might as well receive a corpse disposed in front of doorstep, killed by ur suspense. LOOL. But serzly, its not funny.

  11. Treasure on said:

    We generally forget that the quality of our communication in courtship will go a long way to determine the quality of our communication in marriage. We can’t build a culture of secrecy in courtship because we don’t want to give all the details. It’s either you are 100% in the relationship or you are not. You can’t be engaged to be married in a few months and little details about who you are out with or where you are going to is summarised in words like important meeting. Again you can’t be engaged to marry and have a ready alternative, when the need arises. It’s an interesting story, filled with suspense but gives us a reality check. If we understand marriage in its entirety, we won’t toy with openness, respect and trust in courtship. Tayo isn’t the problem at all in this relationship rather, Segun and Chinwe. They really are not ready to be married unless they are ready to become open.

  12. Ugochi on said:

    That’s a great point @Treasure

  13. abeg dis supposed friend in Tayo, i ain’t digging it at all. if she really is a friend, she should move closer to chinwe, not segun.
    also, insecurity in a relationship is not healthy at all, at all

    • Insecurity lowers one’s self esteem, makes one feel less valuable. Chinwe’s insecurity is obviously getting to her and we hope she handles it right.

  14. What!
    U just placed me on a suspender
    why na…..
    Go joor
    which day we go hear d jist na

  15. Tomi Pearl on said:

    Hmmn…using a lil of wat Chinwe z semmingly lackn hia..-patience,, cos I thnk d whole story z wat I’m thnkn. Waitn 4 9!!

  16. …this suspense is thrilling, can’t wait for episode 9!

  17. Joshua on said:

    A man can’t own the Church; she’s Christ’s and God’s. There’s a third man; Tunde. It appears Chinwe hasn’t imbibed much from ‘Church’ lectures and a pastor-father. Then, why can’t folks just face and address truth? Why do they love to ‘act’?

  18. Pingback: Step Back, Dad! (9) | The REDigion Blog

  19. Folashade Light on said:

    Treasure, you spoke my mind exactly about what I think of the Chinwe-Segun relationship.
    Openess and transparency are quite indispensable to the success of the marital journey.
    Another very important quality is commitment. If you are engaged, why hang out with someone else you know most definitely has the hots for you at the slightest opportunity? A man cannot take fire in his bosom and not be burnt, so says the book of Proverbs.
    Both of them need to go back to the drawing board and GROW UP.

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