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When Quitting Makes Sense

18We are often bombarded with ‘don’t quit’ quotes, the most popular of which is ‘Winners never quit and quitters never win’; and quitters are regarded as losers, people who are visionless, don’t have enough courage to pursue their dreams. When they dare pursue, they stop halfway or decide to take a U-turn when they are almost achieving their goals. No one wants to be labeled ‘a quitter’, but does quitting make you a failure? NO.

Quitting is not a wrong choice every time. Sometimes, it is even the best choice we can make especially if more effort produces little value or when the costs outweigh the benefits. For example, war generals know that surrendering to the enemies does not mean losing the war. It’s all about strategy.

Now, let me make this clear. ‘Quitting’ is what you do when you find out that you are on the wrong path. Something isn’t just right about the whole process, smells like rotten fish and though you have put in all your resources, you are not making headway. It could be in that relationship you have been trying to ‘save’ these past months, or a project that keeps running in circles, or just anything that steals your happiness and puts you in enmity with God.

Quitting is not giving up. It is simply deciding rather to focus on something more important, spending more quality time on valuable stuffs and blocking out things or people that bring more nuisance than progress into your life. Are you currently in a ‘fixed’ situation? Isn’t it time to let go? Never mind what people will say. These same critics will forget your ‘setback’ in a second when you become a success.

I will be quitting on something supposedly ‘big’ this week and that does not make me a loser. No. Instead, I am happy to start again, re-assess my dream, change my course, understand the rules of the game and play the cards smarter. That is how I can grow.

So, I admit. I am a quitter, but not a loser. I am only re-strategizing.


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8 thoughts on “When Quitting Makes Sense

  1. Thumbs up!!!

  2. emmanuel okorie on said:

    It quite true that quiting is not failure. Sensible people quit a course when continuing therein is unprofitable aand wasteful

  3. Nice one!

  4. The grace to know when to quit. The courage to know when to go on. and the stability of both…… this i crave oh dear Lord

  5. When u are not doing well in a project or accademically,quiting is not the best option.if we take a look at great men in our society today they at one time failed but never resulted them to quiting. Psalms 43:5

  6. Fankz. 4 diz piece of advice God bless u

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  8. As a general rule, quit on the path, but never quit on your purpose. Sometimes, it is better to move away from the current path, so you move closer to your purpose. Related post here:

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