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Raising Earnest Disciples (John 8:31)

Arise, Oh Christ-patriots!

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood…

24For many months now, I have sat back and watched different movies play out in the Christendom, the most recent of which is the Ese Walter controversy and it saddens me to see the name of God dragged in the mud by unbelievers. I will not blame them. It is we, Christians, who have chosen to wash our dirty linen in public… And this is just the beginning. More is on the way because the devil ain’t ready to pull the brake.

We have taken to social media, bared our minds in various platforms and some have even made lots of money from it, selling their tabloids with sensational headlines (Bad news is ‘hot news’, right?). Quite unfortunately, the more the church tries to redeem her image, the more the grease spreads on her body as the world tries to paint its own perception and condemn the house of God.

I see satan relaxed on his throne with popcorn on one hand and a soda in the other enjoying the ‘Churchwood’ movies roll one after the other. When one episode is almost over and it seems the church is getting on her feet again, he sends his demons to cook up another story to scandalize God’s name. He throws the plot open and the characters play out naturally without the slightest knowledge of being part of a master-plan. The devil enjoys watching us throw jabs at each other and sneers as we lose sight of who we should really fight against – HIM.

But against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

It is time we refocused our attention from petty stuffs to the basics. Why should we pursue mundane things when the actual war is with the devil himself? Let us stop fighting over seeds of anger and rumour-mongering like hungry, little chickens and direct our weapons at the ‘brain’ behind these evil plots, the personality watching from the large screen.

God is looking for people who will put on His whole armour and stand against all the wiles of the enemy. This is not a fight to find out who is lying or saying the truth or who is to blame or is innocent. If that is what you seek, then you can step aside. This is a call to true believers who realize that there is a war to win at all cost and that God’s name should NEVER be trifled with. They will stand on the line and will never get weary in the place of prayer. They recognize the voice of the Captain and are ready to follow His order with their last breath. This is a not a call to mere church-goers. It is for ‘Christ-patriots’.

Stop the movie. Change the tactics. Fight the devil. STAND UP FOR JESUS. Ephesians 6:12


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2 thoughts on “Arise, Oh Christ-patriots!

  1. Arise of Christ-patroits,
    The Saviour’s call obey
    To serve as God’s own men
    With love and strenght and faith
    The labour of our heroes past
    Shall never be in vain
    To serve with heart and might
    One body bound in freedom, peace and unity.

  2. Jesus-Ever on said:

    1. God’s name can never be dragged in the mud. By who?

    2. Those folks were never christians; christians don’t have dirty linens. Theirs is the robe of righteousness.

    3. We all have yet the crucial goal of salvation. Hence, the important things are genuine repentance, restitution, forgiveness and righteousness and holiness.

    The grace of God be with us all. AMEN.

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