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Knock! Knock!

bankYesterday was Nigeria’s 53rd Independence celebration and it was marked with mixed feelings. You do not feel the cheer that should accompany the celebration of 53 years well spent. I was at one of the malls and it was almost empty especially during the early hours of the day. If you have visited the mall during public holidays, you will understand what I mean when I say it was as empty as a grave yard and you could count the number of people walking past. At first I thought that would be the trend for the day, but later in the evening, the turn out became better. Well, the fear of book haram is the beginning of safety…LOL. No matter what folks, God is always with us.

Something happened to me a day before Independence Day and I would like to share with you. At some minutes past 4pm, I needed to deposit some money in the bank and I knew it was already late. No bank would attend to me. Someone’s wellbeing depended on it being deposited that day. Been occupied all day and could not make it earlier. I was not ready to let go without trying anyway so I stood up from my desk and headed straight to the closest bank. Well, I met a queue of people pleading and begging for entry (you know tomorrow was a public holiday and people needed money badly) and I joined in the begging. “Please na… abeg, bros.” Those security men hardened their faces like stone and shut the door several times against our faces. Kai! What would I do?

 I peeped through the glass and used all the pleading gimmicks I knew and yay! Someone recognized me. Few seconds later, I walked majestically into the bank and almost made a face at the security men (haha!). As I filled the form, I had an awesome feeling. I felt if I could enjoy the privilege of being treated like a ‘special’ customer by an earthly bank, how much more royal would I, as a Christian, be treated by the bank of Heaven?

You see, with God there is no closing hour and no need to beg an angel to access the throne of grace. It is always open 24/7 and angels don’t leave work on public holidays. Isn’t that amazing? We always have what we want whenever, wherever, however. All we need do is ‘KNOCK AND IT SHALL BE OPENED.” Matt 7:7



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5 thoughts on “Knock! Knock!

  1. Adewusi Adeola on said:

    Yes Oh!

  2. WORD……….. timely and encouraging. #knocking on heaven’s door

  3. Many thanks for the awesome reminder of the matchless treasures we have as Christians. Put in another way, still using the banking illustration (hehehe…don’t mind me, I like money or perhaps because I’m trained in that profession), Christians actually have an open cheque. Just fill-in the desired amount, and it is done!

    I’m filling my open cheque now, drawn on the bank of Heaven. The cheque never bounces.


  4. IyanuOluwa on said:

    How amazing it is to meditate on that thought, how powerful it is to exercise this truth!

  5. @asoko!…… u always on point

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