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‘Step Back, Dad!’ (17)

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2It was now over a week since my break-up with Segun and it had been a difficult time trying to get the ‘good old days’ out of my mind … the romantic dinners, the moonlight walks, the moments of endless laughter and even our times of arguments and little fights. Being together had been beautiful but for us, our destinies had reached a cross roads and each had decided to take the opposite direction, even if it meant losing everything and starting again…

Dad had been more supportive than ever. When I eventually told him of my decision, he showed some concern, but deep down, I knew he was happy.

“Well, God has a better plan for you. He takes away the good to bring us something better.” He had encouraged me over dinner. “It may hurt, but in the end, we look back and thank Him He did what was best for us.”

“It hurts, dad. 28 years is no joke. Where do I start from?”

“Is it not better to start again at 28 than to marry the wrong man now and regret all the days of your life? Our way is not God’s way and if He has allowed this, I am sure He is planning something bigger for you.”

I smiled quietly at him. God’s bigger plan for him was going quite well. He had gone official with his courting of the Deaconess and things looked good for both of them. Dad had even ‘employed’ me as their romance adviser…lol. Well, because mine did not work did not mean theirs wouldn’t.

Since our break up, I had not seen or heard from Segun and though it made me feel sad, it accelerated the recovery process. Each day, I woke up finding greater strength to let go finally and let God be in charge. Coping at work had not been easy, though. Since the day Sade caught Steve trying to woo me, word had gone round that I had been ‘sleeping’ my way to the top. I was not surprised she turned the table against me. We were never on the same side of the fence from the moment we met and she never hesitated to make me know how ‘bad’ I was. I always got everything she wanted, she had accused me several times, including working with Steve. Well, someday, truth will prevail.

Steve, on the other hand, had not given up on his escapades. On other three occasions, I had caught him in compromising situations with female colleagues, Sade inclusive, and each time, he had warned me explicitly never to tell anyone or risk losing my job. What was my business? As long as he did not cross my path. Yesterday, I had sent two job applications. Enough of this drama! Guess I have to start afresh in everything.

As I rounded up work for the day, my phone beeped. It was a message from Brother Tunde and it made me chuckle. ‘Got time for dinner?’

This brother no wan give up. This was the fifth time he would ask me out in a week. I typed a response. ‘No, sir. Not available. Not now, not ever.’ I just ended a relationship with a church brother. Not sure I am ready to jump in with another, especially one I find unappealing. He doesn’t even know how to dress properly. Don’t misunderstand me, please. I just do not think we fit.

He responded immediately. ‘I will wait patiently.’

You go wait tire! LOL. Call it shakara, I don’t care. Every lady knows wants something appealing to her and I am no different. Just then, my close friend at work, Bimbo walked into my office. She was a married Christian woman I confided in a lot. “Hey, Chi. Whassup for this evening?”

“Nothing much. Home, book, sleep.”

‘Sounds boring.” She flipped two tickets in the air. “I have two tickets to the cinema. Bolu disappointed again and I do not want to go alone. Wanna spend time with your girlfriend? Plus you really need the time to meet new prospects.” She sticked her tongue out.

I giggled. “Not like I have a choice. You will practically drag me there. However, I will just go to relax, not meet another man who will break my heart. Sorry about your husband.”

“Well”, she shrugged. “Men can be unpredictable sometimes.”

Few minutes later, we were on our way to the Mall. She was a rough driver and I was stiff on my seat.

“Relax, nothing will happen.” She teased me. “You know you have to be smart in Lagos or else other drivers will cheat you.”

I glanced at her. “But really you are rough o! What if your kids are in the car with you?”

“I am gentle then. I don’t joke with my kids, especially my little baby Sade. Which reminds me, seems Sade in the office has come up with another lie about you.” She glanced briefly at me. “Said she caught you frolicking with Mr. Steve yesterday.”

“Her lies will never end. Of course, you know that is not true.”

“Everyone knows Sade lies a lot. Word is spreading seriously that Steve is a womanizer. You have to be careful around him, so he will not taint your testimony.”

“He cannot.” I spoke conclusively. “I have settled my stand with him from the beginning. I have enough evidence against him already if he dares.”

“What evidence?”

“Never mind. You just keep praying for me. It’s high time I left that place. I have started applying again.”

“Good move.” She drove into the mall. “I pray God gives you a better place on time.”

Some minutes later, we walked into a cinema with hands filled with popcorn and drinks. Bimbo had forced me to watch a Nigerian movie, which I would not do normally. I found it fascinating though and a couple hours later, we walked out of the cinema.

As we walked down the stairs, we bumped into Tayo, who looked as prim and proper as ever.

“What are you doing here?” We asked at the same time.

“Well, I came to watch a movie with my colleague.” I introduced her to Bimbo, who waved and walked away.

“You won’t believe who I came here to see.” She spoke excitedly. “Just have a guess.”

My heart skipped a bit. It could only be Segun. Formerly ‘My Segun’. “Well, I don’t know.”

‘Your boss, Steve.”

“What!” I wanted to shake the daylight out of her. “What are you doing with him?”

“Well, since that day we met, we kind of connected and have been keeping in touch. I really do like him.” Her eyes shone brightly like someone in love.

What could I tell her? Perhaps it was my turn to be her keeper. “Well, you have got to be really careful with him. He is not what you think.”

“Yes, I know he is not a Christian, but I hope to convert him.”

Oops! “That was not exactly what I meant.”

“Never mind. I knew you would discourage me since he is your boss. Anyway, so you and Segun are finally out, so I heard.”

“Well, you were right all along.”

She gave me a ‘I told you’ smile. “Don’t worry about me. I know how to play the game well. Oh! There he is!” She pointed at Steve, who had his phone to his ears. “He probably is dialing my phone. See you later, dear.”

“Yeah, bye!” I really, really hoped she knew how to play her game well.

Later, as Bimbo drove me home, I received an email and I shouted excitedly. “Wow!”

“What is it?” Bimbo nearly pulled too hard on the break. “You scared me!”

“I just got an interview invite from SPECS. I am to be there on Thursday.”

“OMG! The SPECS Group? That’s a top shot, girl. And that’s in two days’ time. What did you apply for again?”

“I cannot remember. It should be one of the old applications I did before I got this job.”

“Now, doesn’t God perform miracles?”

“He sure does.”

I was shaking visibly. An interview in SPECS, the number one communications agency in the country and rated highly in the world… that was more than a miracle. Calm down! It’s just an interview, not yet an offer.

When I informed dad about it, he was also surprised. “The SPECS Group? That is God at work. You will give it all it takes and let God take control. How can I be of help in your preparation?”

“Just pray for your daughter.”

Before sleeping that night, I knelt beside my bed and prayed thoroughly. I felt deep down that God had started working and if this would be it, He will follow it through to the end. He who began a good work in me will complete it. My fresh start is here.





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8 thoughts on “‘Step Back, Dad!’ (17)

  1. Soooooooooo eager to hear and see d concluding part of this story! God in action! Watch Out!!!

  2. Great! Sometimes we allow fear make us grab a wrong person or even the right person at the wrong time.

    But when GOD’s is in control, he ‘ll definitely get us covered.

  3. D longer d story d intrestin it bcmz,rily api 4 chinwe juz pray tayo shd b vry kiaful wit steve n she shd nt av dat mentality dat she wund convert him

  4. Hmmm… Finally taking a deep breathe… Thumps up Chi, God gat ur back

  5. Good work Anu. May God increase you on every side for this wonderful work. I think we should work more to publicise this blog so it can serve as a lesson to other xtian singles.
    God bless

  6. Great! Sometimes we allow fear make us grab a wrong person or even the right person at the wrong time.
    But when GOD’s is in control, he ‘ll definitely get us covered.

  7. Great! Sometimes we allow fear make us grab a wrong person or even the right person at the wrong time.
    But when GOD’s is in control, he ‘ll definitely get us covered.

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