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Thank You ‘n’ More


1Phew! How time flies!

Seems like only yesterday when we chanted the ‘happy new year’ wishes for 2013 and now we are doing a countdown to a brand new start. Come to think of it, hasn’t God been faithful? So many things to look back at and thank Him for being there through the ups and downs we went through. Perhaps you walked through many valleys, but here you are walking tall on your feet and looking forward to sweeter victories in the coming year.

On a personal note, I am counting my blessings and appreciating God for all He has done. I took big, risky steps this year, of which I have no regrets. Of course, the biggest came just at almost the close of this year, putting the icing on the pudding. Oh yes, I got wedded to a most wonderful man, a miracle I will always thank God for and look forward to my happily-ever-after life.

Not every day was rosy, though. I had to go walk through the valley of the shadow of death at some point, but the Lord remained my Shepherd. I lost some two cousins to the cold hands of death, canceled an almost-completed writing contract, went through the ordeal of combining work with school (it is not easy, trust me.) and at some stage, didn’t know where I was in my walk with God. Too many things happened at the same time and I nearly lost focus. Thanks to an ever-loving God and a spiritual-minded fiancé. Today, I look back and can only sing ‘Through it all, I have learnt to trust in Jesus.’

One major thing I am happy I did this year was starting this blog. I had always wanted to find a forum where I could express myself and my belief in God, but it was not until May 6th that I felt that push to start this and it’s been 7 months of tremendous growth, which would not have been possible without you. Thank you for taking time to open every link to this blog. You made this space a success. I am most grateful.

For the followers of ‘Step Back, Dad!’ (and followers-to-be), I have compiled all the episodes in one book and will be dishing it out tomorrow 1st of January 2014. Please accept it as my new-year gift *winks*. Wish I could give more. You can also share/broadcast this ‘gift’ with friends and loved ones, even enemies… lol.. Let’s start the year with a seed of kindness. Watch this space tomorrow for the download link and oh! Lest I forget, a new series is also starting in January. Watch out for ‘Through The Eyes Of Faith’, where a little girl encounters her Creator in an unforgettable way… I won’t say more. LOL.

For REDigion, 2014 will be a year full of activities. A lot of changes will be made and your suggestions are ALWAYS welcome as to how we can make this place better for everyone. Remember we are in this together and you can imagine what we can achieve when we are united.

Finally, I cannot end this without giving a shout-out to my husband, Raphael Francis. Let me tell you a little secret. After God, he is the engine behind this blog. In fact, he is on my neck as I write this. His supportive role has brought REDigion this far. Thank you, baby.

Once again, I say a big ‘thank you’ for reading the epistles I have been dishing out these months. See you on the other side of 2014 and wishing you a most blissful year. Love ya!



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3 thoughts on “Thank You ‘n’ More

  1. on said:

    Thank you too dear sıster, your blog has been a source of blessıng and ınspıratıon to a lot of people ın the outgoıng year,ıncludıng myself.

    I am also happy that you have taken a further step by puttıng ıt ın a book. That wıll no doubt make more ımpact ın more people, please keep ıt up. The Lord ıs your strength!

    However, I have been lookıng for an opportunıty to get ın touch wıth you to dıscuss how we can work together to get a much larger audıence through movıes (I am a drama mınıster,workıng on about four scrıpts and belıevıng God to launch out too ın the comıng year).

    Havıng been followıng your blog for some months, I belıeve ıt ıs a story that wıll surely bless several lıves ıf we can make ıt a movıe.

    Lookıng forward to the book and your response to thıs proposal.

    Yours ın Hıs servıce,

    Gbenga Adedejı.
    Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  2. debo rebo on said:

    Wanna also thank u for dos inspiring and entertaining writeups.
    am glad to be on board wiv u.
    cheers dear and regards to ur hubby

  3. sopeju ifeoluwa on said:

    Thank you Anu, Thank you Rapheal.

    ‘Behind EVERY successful woman, there is a MAN’.

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