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Through The Eye Of ‘Faith’ (4)

Good morning friends. It’s a brand new episode….. Enjoy, share and be blessed. If you missed the last episode, click here.

faith 4“Wake up, stupid girl!” He kicked her with his leg like he did every time. Faith resisted the urge to cry out and endured the sharp pain that pierced through her skin. She ached all over, after spending last evening assisting her mother in the market after school. Since Mama was sick, Faith had to attend to all the customers and run lots of errand. By the time they packed for home, she was very exhausted. Mama had urged them to stay some hours longer and see if they could make enough money to pay the school fees, but unfortunately, they could not get what they wanted. So, Faith knew there was no way she would go to school tomorrow unless a miracle happened.

“Are you still lying down?” Her father shouted from the door. “I will pour gutter water on you. Just wait for me. You and your useless mother still sleeping at this time when responsible people are already up. Let me come back and meet you still lying down. You will be taught the greatest lesson of your life. Awon oloshi” He slammed the door.

“Faith, get up quick!” Mama tried to lift her daughter from the floor as much as her bulging stomach could allow. Her eyes were red and puffy and blisters covered her mouth. Faith managed to stand and flinched from the pain in her head.

“Headache?” Mama’s voice was laced with concern.

Faith nodded. “I don’t feel fine, Mama. I am not sure I can make it to school today. Besides, I am a debtor and the headmaster said I must not be at school today if I have not paid.”

Mama coughed deeply. “Don’t worry. You tell your headmaster that I shall come to school and pay everything this afternoon.”

“You are sick, Mama. Too sick to go to the hospital. You should stay at home and rest. Don’t worry. I will find a way to get the money.”

“What do you mean?” Mama almost choked. “What are you going to do?” She knew her daughter and what she could do once she made up her mind. “You will go to school and do as I say, okay?” She started coughing again.

Faith watched her mother battle with cough and she felt like crying. She wished she could take the cough away and make Mama happy again, but she felt very helpless and that hurt her a lot. Where was God when she needed him most?

“Do you believe in God, Mama?”

“Of course, I do. Without Him, I would not have come this far.”

“Then why can’t He take your cough away? After all, we have been praying.”

Mama didn’t know how to respond. Sometimes, she was amazed at the kind of questions her daughter asked.

“My teacher taught us about Daniel and how God shut the mouth of the lions. They did not eat him because he prayed to God. Why should God answer Daniel’s prayers and not ours?”

Mama sighed. “My daughter, God still answers prayers. You know those times when you ask me for something and I do not give you immediately, but later I give you when I feel it is the right time? That is the way God works with us too. He waits for the best time to act.”

“But when will that time come? After Papa has killed us too?”

“No, no, Faith. Your father loves us and cannot do that to us. Even when those bad people tried to kill Daniel, did they succeed? God is aware of our problem and He will take care of us.”

Faith wanted to believe that so much, but her mind could not accept that fact. If God did love them as her mother said, then He would not allow them suffer. It was as simple as that. She admired Mama’s love for God but sometimes, she wondered if God loved her mother like she loved Him. Many questions rose in her mind, but she was not ready to disturb her mother further. One thing she knew, God had to perform a miracle fast.

A voice outside the window made her jump. Her father was close by and probably with what he had promised.

“Quickly! To the bathroom and we must prepare as fast as we can for school and for market. We must not incur your father’s wrath further.” Mama bent to roll the mats on the floor in a hurry and in the process, fell on her knees. She tried to hide her pain, but Faith could see through her. Mama would barely be able to make it to the market, she was sure.

She quickly ran to the bathroom. She had a plan and no one, not even Mama, could stop her.


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4 thoughts on “Through The Eye Of ‘Faith’ (4)

  1. Story evolving. I wonder what faith has in mind…

  2. Olumide on said:

    “That is the way God works with us too. He waits for the best time to act.”…..
    God is aware of our problem and He will take of us…”
    Hmmmmm….powerful encouragement to me

  3. Guess Faith not going to school. . .

  4. adaeze on said:

    really sad background… God help her through

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