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Through the Eye of Faith (15)

Happy weekend! Be blessed! 🙂 (Copyright 2014)


1“Good to finally meet you. Sis Patience told me so much about you, good things.” Pastor Mark was all smiles as we welcomed Faith’s mother. “I can see the glory of God around you.”

Mama felt shy. It had been a while someone had complimented her. “Thank you, Pastor. God has been faithful to me. Sometimes, I like to think of myself as Naomi, who suffered a lot but still got that unmerited mercy from God in the end. That I am alive today is all because of Him.”

“True. None of us would have hope if not for His love and mercy. I am glad to find that your faith in Him is strong and that has made my work easy. I only have to encourage you more never to give up on Jesus because if you do, then what else is left?”

“Jesus is the only One I have now. He has never failed me through the trying times. He will not do so now.” Mama spoke with great confidence.

Pastor Mark’s face became more serious and he cleared his throat. “So, how about your husband?”

Mama shifted uncomfortably. “Well, I have not seen or heard from him since the arrest.”

“Oh! And that has been since when?”

“Roughly two weeks ago now.”

The office door opened and Patience walked in. The Pastor acknowledged her presence with a nod and beckoned on her to sit on the second chair opposite him. Then he turned his face to his visitor.

“But, Madam, you know there is no way you can hear from him unless you pay him a visit.”

Mama remained silent.

Pastor Mark continued. “I understand he must have hurt you deeply and it is not easy for you to just let go of the past, but you cannot face the future until you deal with that past. See, you may feel you are free, but the hard truth is you are not until you go to him and let me know you have forgiven him.”

Mama sobbed quietly. “Pastor, I have tried so many times to do it, but I chicken out. In fact, there was a time I was in front of the police station but my fear would not let me go in. I am afraid of what I would meet.”

“No, you are afraid of what you THINK you would meet. Expectation is not necessarily reality. Go and pay your husband a visit. Yes, he is still your husband and you cannot give up on him now. God values his soul as much as He values yours. Who knows, you may just be the one God wants to use to save him.”

“He will not listen to me. He never did, so why would he now? He would blame me for everything. He always said I was the cause of his calamities and now, he is behind bars because of me.” Mama shed more tears.

“You cannot blame yourself for doing the right thing. He is only paying for what he did. Would you have rather preferred to have kept quiet? That would have made you a partner-in-crime and more importantly, an enemy of God and candidate for hell.”

“So what do you suggest I do?”

“I have said it before and will say it again. Go and see your husband. Will you promise God you will?”

Patience needed to excuse herself from the meeting. She had been enduring a slight pain in her stomach and needed to do something quickly. “Please I need to visit the restroom urgently. I will be back shortly.”

When the door closed, Mama looked at Pastor Mark with fearful eyes. “I will do what I can by His grace. I hope it goes well.”

“It will.” The Pastor assured her. “What about your daughter? I thought I saw her with you after service ended.”

“Yes, she is just outside the door.”

“Please bring her in. I will like to meet the brave, little girl.”

Mama stood up to bring her daughter. When Faith saw the door open and her mother coming through, she felt a bit relieved. The manner with which Miss Patience had hurried out of the room had made her feel uncomfortable. Miss Patience had waved at her with one hand and placed the other on her stomach. She looked like she was about to soil herself as she entered the toilet.

“My dear, the Pastor would like to see you.”

“The Pastor asked for me?” Faith felt like she was just handed a cup of ice-cream. Then she observed her mother’s pale eyes. “Have you been crying, Mama?”

“I am fine, dear.” Mama managed a smile. “Now. Let’s go see the Man of God.”

Faith placed her hand in her mother’s. This was the first time she would meet a Pastor and she felt so small and scared, but when she saw his pleasant face, she relaxed a bit.

“So, this is our wonderful girl.” He beamed. “Here, come and shake my hand.”

Faith walked slowly to the pastor and felt on top of the world when he shook her hand.

“So, did you enjoy the service?”

Faith nodded shyly, looking straight at the ground.

“And would you want to come again?”

She nodded again.

“She is not usually this shy.” Her mother teased. “She is usually a chatterbox at home.”

Suddenly, the door flung open and the Pastor’s wife rushed in with confusion. “Dear, please come quickly.”

Her husband jumped out of his seat. “What is the matter?”

“It is Sister Patience. She slumped in the toilet.”


Everyone rushed out of the office into the restroom and found Patience lying face-down on the floor.

“Get my car!” The pastor shouted at his wife. “Call Dr. Simon and tell him we are coming with a patient. Quickly, please!”

Mama started weeping profusely amidst prayers as she assisted the pastor to lift the lady from the floor.

“Thank God she is breathing, but we do not have so much time.” Pastor Mark lifted Patience in her hands and hurried out of the church.

Faith followed closely behind and crying loudly. Who could have done this to her teacher?

She entered the back seat with her mother and on the hospital, prayers never ceased.


Dapo stared at his green button on his phone. Should he make the call or not? He just had a most wonderful experience. He had given his life to Christ and amazingly, the first person he wanted to share this with was her. He didn’t know why, but she seemed like the perfect person to. He had never been happier his entire life. It was like a big load was lifted off his shoulder and he felt brand new like a new-born baby.

He closed his eyes and dialed. The first call was not picked. He dialed again and this time, he heard a strange, female voice.

“Hello, please who is this?” She sounded very terrified.

“This is Dapo. Please I will like to speak with the owner of the phone.”

“Are you her friend?”

“Yes, I am.” Technically true.

“Okay. This is Deaconess Titi of the Victorious Faith Christian Centre. There is a problem. Patience is being taken to the hospital now. She is very sick and needs our prayers. Please get in touch with her family. I cannot seem to find any relative’s number on her phone.”

Dapo was confused and he jumped off his bed. “Sick? What hospital?”

“The Gilead Medical Centre.”

“I know the place. I’ll be there now. Thank you.” Dapo cut the phone and in a minute, he was out of the house.

Lord, please take control. I cannot lose her. If You could save me, I believe You can do more.


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12 thoughts on “Through the Eye of Faith (15)

  1. Yep, HE CAN DO MORE…

  2. mercy nyong on said:

    dat is y he is God cos is wayz r differs from ours…….he wil do much more.kant wait for d next episode !!!!!!!!!

  3. Adeola Adewusi on said:

    It is well. A “recreative” miracle on the way for Patty’s womb. Mr Dapo’ are you prepared for the shocker? I truly wish these episodes were LONGER! Would we be asking for too much ma’am?

  4. Peace on said:

    hmmm, *i just released my breath*, getting more n more exiting…….God pls take control, she must not die, let her fulfil dt dream of having a motherles baby home. plz, cant wait to knw wht hapened oooo. my mind is up.

  5. Samuel on said:

    wow. see how love breaks a hard man.
    You can’t face the future if you don’t deal with your past.


  7. Ruthie on said:

    Hmmm wonderful things are unfolding, the clock is ticking! Can’t wait.

  8. rhoda dami on said:

    i can guess wats happening to miss P…. God is working on her womb, He is replacing the missing parts…haleluyah!!!!. Anu keep up the good work, i havnt been around for a while.cant wait for the next episode.

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  10. ToluIwa on said:

    After reading dz, tears n laughter felled mi. God is Great!

  11. Ulot on said:


  12. Ulot on said:

    Wow!!! Can’t wait to read the next.

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