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Through the Eye of Faith (16)

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You are such a loser. No one wants you.

Leave me alone!

Who will you tell your dirty, little secret? Oh! I forgot. It will no longer be a secret in few month’s time. HAHA!

Shut up! Her body trembled uncontrollably in response to the chilling coldness of the night and the dangerous voice whispering into her ears. She pulled the wrapper tighter on her body as she tried to find a corner she would spend the night on the dark, lonely street. The tears poured down without restraint. Where could she turn to?

You have no one. You have no future. You are doomed.

She found a table under the shed of a closed store. She dived under and lay down, covering her whole body with the wrapper. This would be her home, at least for tonight. Tomorrow, she would find a solution. There was always a way out of every situation. She was a practical girl and she sure would find a way out of this.

Really? This ‘situation’ is not a child’s play. You are pregnant and only sixteen. Do you know what happens to pregnant teenagers?

They become outcasts. Do you know what happens to outcasts?

More silence.

They die.

“NO! NO! NO! I cannot die now.” Patience cried out bitterly. “This is not how I planned my life. Oh my God! What shall I do?”

“Hey, you! Come out from there.” A dirty-looking lady banged the table so hard that Patience felt a sharp pain through her head. “What are you doing under the table in this terrible place? Do you want to be raped?”

The last statement brought a rush of awful memories. “NO!” Patience scrambled out. “Not again. Do you have a safer place I can stay?”

The stranger looked at her with disdain. “Do I look like a provider of home for strays like you?”

Patience bit her lips. Her former self would have retorted sharply without thinking, but now, she was nothing but a beggar. “Please, I really need somewhere to stay tonight.”

After several minutes of scrutiny, the lady nodded her head. “Follow me.”

She led Patience into an uncompleted building at the end of the street. She opened a wooden door and beckoned on her to enter. When Patience hesitated, she asked. “Would you prefer to go back to your table?”

Slowly, Patience walked into the dim-lit room and sat in the corner. There was nothing inside except a mat and a pot on top of a stove. The room smelt damp and dirty, but it was a lot better than sleeping under a table and she would be safe from another ugly incident.

HAHA! Did you say you were safe?

“Excuse me?”

The host turned dark eyes at Patience. “I asked if you said you were safe. You are doomed, don’t you know?

OMG! I must be dreaming. How could the deep, masculine voice in her head be the same with this woman’s? “Who or what are you?” Patience shifted away.

The lady-man shrieked loudly. “Good question. Who am I? I am the owner of your life. You are mine and I can do anything I want with you.” She moved closer to Patience. “You can call me daddy.”

“No, Leave me alone! Don’t hurt me, please. No, Noooooooo!”


“Take her straight to the emergency room!” Dr. Simon barked out orders at the nurses as they carried Patience’s unconscious body into the hospital. “Put her on life support right away. I need to conduct some tests immediately.”

One of the nurses placed her head close to the patient’s face. “She seems to be muttering something, but I cannot pick it.”

“No time for that. Go now.”

Pastor Mark tapped the doctor. “Will she be okay? I never expected this to happen. She just asked to visit the restroom and she slumped there.”

The doctor adjusted his glasses. “Anything could be the cause. After the tests, I shall be more certain. Keep praying for her.”

“But will she be okay?” A little girl asked amidst tears.

Dr. Simon smiled. “Don’t cry, girl. She will be because God is in this hospital.” He looked up at the others. “I need to go now. Keep praying.”

As Dr. Simeon entered the emergency room, his heart was full of fear and uncertainty. What if she died in his arms? He whispered a word of prayer and he felt his faith lifted. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…

“She is still muttering things, doctor.” The nurse stood over Patience with a confused face.

The doctor adjusted his overall and said the first thing he usually uttered before any major diagnosis. “Let us pray.”

Outside, Pastor Mark had begun leading a quiet prayer session for Patience. This was the first time he would experience such in his church and he was not about to allow the devil win this battle, especially not with Patience, the lady he had mentored over the years.

A man entered the hospital looking very ruffled. Pastor Mark recognized him instantly and waved at him.

“Is she okay?” Dapo asked in confusion. “Please tell me she is.”

“She is.” Pastor Mark spoke with deep faith. “The doctor is with her now. Don’t panic. Join the prayers and let’s expect some good news soon.”

Dapo sat down and he didn’t know what prayers to make. As a new convert, it was still a strange feeling to talk to God. He closed his eyes and spoke the words that came freely to him. “God please save her because I love her. Let her be the first gift I will have from you as my Father.”

The minutes ticked by and they waited patiently for the news, which they hoped would be good.



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9 thoughts on “Through the Eye of Faith (16)

  1. Melly on said:

    with faith, I believe she will come out safe to Gods glory. I want to see joy and laughter! weldone Raphanu!

  2. Boluwatife christie on said:

    Hmnnn, she will surely pull tru. . . Wat a simple heartfelt prayer from Dapo… Theres no one God cannot save, only beleive


  4. Ruthie on said:

    This suspense is terrible. Nxt episode please o!

  5. adesina on said:

    Pls Lord save her soul.

  6. rhoda dami on said:

    next episode plsssssss

  7. ToluIwa on said:

    Little Faith’s prayer alone I believe will do wonders combine nw wit New convert Dapo. I can’t wait to c smiles on evryones face!! She definitely wit pull thru…

  8. chinasa on said:

    Wao she will be fine thru faith

  9. olumide on said:

    Just a simple faith!!!!!!! Wow!!!!

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