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Through the Eye of Faith (18)



2Faith gazed at the relaxed face of Miss Patience, who still lay unconscious on the bed, though her breathing was even. The doctor had informed them she would be okay and the tension had eased a bit, but Faith was not ready to leave until her mentor became awake, so she took permission to sit beside the bed and keep watch. She placed her hands on the bigger hand on the bed and whispered a word of prayer. Her eyes flew to the door and caught her Head Teacher looking at her. He smiled and nodded at her and she smiled back. This was the first time she would see him smile and he looked a little different from the tough and scary man she had always known him to be. She wondered how more handsome and friendlier he would look if he could smile more. Perhaps, he could even be a good match for Miss Patience. She giggled to herself.


Dapo mused at what made the little girl in the room chuckle when he smiled at her. Perhaps, she was starting to like him and the thought pleased him well. This was the same girl who had attacked him earlier in the day and her belief he would hurt her loved one had made him feel very bad, but at the same time he had been amazed at how courageous she had been at defending the woman he loved. If he was to have his desire, he would have to win over the girl to his side. What challenged him most was how she had prayed very earnestly and her determination to say close until Patience was conscious. All this from a tiny creature… His mind flew back to when he was her age and the time he started fending for himself. Every day had been a test, but somehow he always scaled through. Somehow, he had survived. He wished he could have known God in his childhood years. He wished he had a mother who could have shown him how to pray. No doubt, he would have had a better life.

There was a little noise from the reception and Dapo rushed there to find an old man causing a bit of commotion. He kept shouting at the top of his voice, despite the attempts of the nurse to calm him.

“I don’t care if she is sleeping! I want to see my daughter now!” He barked angrily at the nurse and pushed her hand away. He did a quick scan of the hospital. “Who brought her to this place in the first place? Do you have the right facilities to take proper care of her?”

“Good day.” A calmer male voice greeted. “I am Pastor Mark and I brought her here from church. The doctor has confirmed she would be fine. She needs all the rest she can get with the least of noise.”

The old man looked offended, but he overcame that quickly. “Okay. But can I just see her? I am all the family she’s got.”

The nurse beckoned to him. “This way, please.”

He followed her through the corridor into a room. At the entrance, he met a young man who stepped out of the way. When he saw his daughter, he was moved to tears. She was still and that brought a painful, past memory he had been trying to overcome. She looked just like her late mother.

“Will she be okay?” He asked with a clogged throat.

“She will.” A man answered confidently. He walked into the room and stretched his hand. “Hello, I am Dr. Simeon and I understand you are family to my patient?”

“I am her father… I mean stepfather. I got an urgent call from a woman that my daughter was in your hospital. Thank you for all you have done, but I will like to know when I can move her to a better… I mean bigger facility.” He did not want her hospitalized there much longer.

The doctor shrugged. “Okay. That’s possible, but not until I can verify what exactly the problem is. I am not ready to do a transfer. Right now she seems stable and until the test results are re-confirmed, I cannot do what you request.”

“Hold on a minute.” Patience’s father questioned. “Do you mean you are not sure of what is wrong with her?”

“The first result showed she is fine and everything about her is. I have sent the sample to another lab to verify and the result will be in soon.”

“You see what I mean? You do not even have trusted labs around. My daughter deserves better medical care and…”

Pastor Mark cut in. “Doctor, how soon should we expect the second result?”

“In another hour. Please be patient and keep praying for her. God lives in this hospital and He is aware of all that happens. She will be better, I promise.”

The old man frowned hard at the doctor. “She had better be. You have only one hour.”

“Is she awake now?” Mama asked when she saw the people standing in the room. She had just arrived from the visit to her husband and looked very tired.

“And who is this?” Patience’s father looked more uncomfortable.

“She is Patience’s friend and member of my church too. We brought Patience here together and she has been very helpful.” Pastor Mark replied.

“I see. And the little girl?” He pointed at the girl holding on to his daughter.

“She’s my daughter.” Mama responded sharply and moved closer to Faith. “You must be Patience’s stepfather. She told me a lot about you.”

The old man took a hard swallow.

“Thank you for coming. Your presence will mean so much to her.” Mama smiled.

Patience’s father murmured incoherently and walked out of the room.

“Mama, Miss Patience is saying something again.” Faith dipped her ear closer to Patience’s face and her eyes widened in fear.

“What is she saying?” Dapo rushed closer to the bed.

Faith responded with a shaky voice. “Help me.”

Mama was confused. “Help you do what?”

“I mean she said ‘help me’”

Doctor Simeon was already doing a checkup and ordered everyone to go out of the room. Once outside, Pastor Mark called everyone together.

“Did you hear what the doctor said about the test result? I feel in my spirit we are facing a spiritual battle here and we need to be more aggressive in our approach. This is a hospital, so we have to go outside and start intensive prayers. The devil cannot win this battle. Anyone in agreement with me?”

Everyone in the room nodded their approval except the old man who sat in the corner and kept checking his gold wristwatch every time. They walked out through the door and as Faith went out, she took a quick look at the room where Patience was. Never had she been more afraid in her entire life. Will Miss Patience die? God, please don’t let that happen.




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11 thoughts on “Through the Eye of Faith (18)

  1. Ruthie on said:

    Hmmm, she can’t and won’t die o! next episode please…

  2. God, please save miss patience…

  3. rhoda dami on said:

    she wont die, no way!!!

  4. And what if she does? #smiles,,,,,she wont!

  5. Melly on said:

    With long life as she been promised, nothing can happen to her! “ACTOR no dey die”. expecting next episode!

  6. She wil nt die, God is control, d prayer of d righteous wil yield fruit……. Ahhhh, patience wil nt die

  7. ToluIwa on said:

    D prayer of d Righteous work wonders, Miss Patience is abt defeating d Devil finally in her life. She can’t die!

  8. Morayo on said:

    actor no de die, or else the firm done end.

  9. Pa3sha on said:

    God will not let her die. I see God re-writing her story, Faith. I see Him answering your prayer outside Pastor Mark’s office

  10. Its getting interesting and I can’t wait for d next episode……… Comment reserved

  11. Boluwatife christie on said:

    Next episode pleaseeeee ooooh. . . The lord is ur strent ma

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