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Through the Eye of Faith (19)

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images (5)He scowled at the paper in front of him and didn’t bother to read the content. He already knew what it included and that irked him the more. Any time he received it, it always meant he had to lose something… something special to him and the thought that he didn’t know what this time made him loathe the Host more than ever.

How he hated being summoned! It belittled him, made him feel powerless and as much as he wanted to disregard the invitation, he could not resist. One day, he thought loudly, he would carry out another coup, and this time, he would win. He had done it before. He would do it again. Everything should have been his right from the beginning; from the day of creation. He was not the son of the morning for nothing. He would gain back what he had lost.

“My lord, He waits for you.” A short, dark creature spoke feebly at the corner of the narrow room.

“DON’T TELL ME WHAT I ALREADY KNOW!” He roared with a thunderous voice. “Get out of here!”

The creature scampered out of the room. He hated getting his master angry. It always left him scarred.

When he was sure he was alone, Luci picked up the paper and disappeared into thin air.

Seconds later, he found himself in front of the big, white gate and a big, fiery creature behind the gate.

“Ha! You are here again.” Mike was never pleased to see him. “The King awaits!”

“One day, I shall be king and then, you will answer to me.” Luci walked through the gate. “I could have given you a better life if you had fought side by side with me.”

“No, thank you. Our paths do not cross. I am a loyal servant of the King of Kings.”

“Time will tell.”

Mike chose to ignore him and he didn’t like that. He didn’t like to be snubbed by those over whom he once had authority.

Inside the compound, he saw many people playing happily and deep bitterness welled up inside him. They were those he had lost forever and every time he saw them smile, his insides ached. No much worries, he still had a lot to catch down there.

When he entered the expansive throne-room, goose-bumps danced on his skin. Soon, he would be face-to-face with his Host and many thoughts raced through his mind, top of which was the reason he was sent for. A sharp brightness suddenly lit up the already-bright room and he shrunk back, covering his face. How he hated the light! Darkness was more like him.

“You summoned me.” He whispered in fear.

“Yes, I did.” The Voice was clear and quiet. “You have something I want.”

“And you think I will be ready to give you just like that?”


That answer made Luci recoil to the corner of the room. The authority with which He spoke was too much for him to withstand.

“What is it?”

“You remember my daughter Patience?”

“That useless, unforgiving murderer on the hospital bed? What is it with her?”

“Yes, she’s the one. I allowed you take something away from her.”

“Yes, I took her womb. She deserved it. She committed murder. Remember you started the penalty for murder, starting with Cain. I only continued what you started.”

“Cain never asked for forgiveness. She has. She also has forgiven those who hurt her and as her Father, I have forgiven her.”

Luci was surprised. “When did she ask for this forgiveness?” He obviously had not received that report. “Well, I have not forgiven her. Plus, she has a blood covenant with me the day she aborted that child.”

“You do not possess the power to forgive. And there is a blood that speaks better things… My blood and that is enough.”

Luci’s rage was beyond him. “Why do I always have to obey You?”

“Because no matter who you are or what you do, I remain JEHOVAH.”

Luci bowed his head to the floor against his will. He had never felt more powerless in his life. Clearly, he had no capability to oppose the Authority. He surrendered. “I will do your bidding, but I promise to take my full wrath on your other children.”

There was no response and when Luci raised his head, he found out he was alone.

“This is how I am now dismissed, like a worm.” He complained loudly and vanished into thin air.




He watched the nurse as she injected some liquid into the drip hanging over his daughter’s bed. It has been almost been ten hours since he had been at the hospital. The final result had arrived and the result was the same. Everything with her body was perfect, the doctor had repeated severally, but still there was no physical improvement in her condition. She still remained as unconscious as ever.

He had refused to return home. Home to who or what? Ever since he lost his wife, his life had become empty and he was not ready to lose more. He had insisted everyone went home, while he took watch for the night. He had been amazed at how the ‘church people’ never stopped praying and kept flooding in to check on his daughter. He was glad that though her family was never part of her turbulent life, she had found solace in another. He suddenly realized that unlike her, he had no other person he could turn to if anything befell him. Would there be anyone who would stay up to pray for him?

“You should get some rest too, sir. You look weary.” The nurse advised. “I can get you extra foam.

“No, thank you. I’ll be fine.” He managed a smile and tried to keep his eyes wide open.

When the nurse left, he thought he saw a smile on his daughter’s face and that eased his tension a bit. When this was over, he would have her tell him more about this Jesus who had taken care of her through the years. His eyes began to close as he dozed off to sleep with his head on the bed.


His eyes shot open and he rubbed his face. He thought he heard something, but that could have been his sleepy mind playing games.

“Daddy…” It was stronger.

He quickly raised his head to see his daughter’s eyes slightly open.

“Daddy, I’m very hungry.”

“My God! You are awake! You are awake!” His happiness knew no bounds. “Nurse!” He screamed. “Wait, let me get the nurse.” He kissed her forehead and ran out of the room. Seconds later, he was back with the nurse running after him. “She is conscious. She spoke to me.” He chatted excitedly.

The nurse moved round the bed and touched Patience lightly. “Hello…”

Patience turned her head. “Where am I? What am I doing here?”

The nurse patted her hand. “Don’t worry. You are safe. You were brought to the hospital for a little while.”

“Is everything okay with me?”

Her father responded. “You have never been better.” He brought out his phone and dialed a number. “I need to inform the pastor. Thank you, Jesus.”

“I’m hungry.”

“Let me get you something to eat. I will be back and the doctor will be here soon. This is a miracle.” The nurse sounded like she didn’t believe what just happened.

Patience looked all around her. The hospital was the last place she thought herself to be. She watched her father pipe happily into the phone. There was a lot he had to tell her. She closed her eyes and placed her head more comfortably into the pillow.



Up, up in the clouds, a pair of eyes watched the recovery and the Owner smiled within Himself. He always wanted the best for His children and when they got it, it filled him with intense joy. It pained him to see His children suffer for what they should enjoy freely. For Patience, He was glad it was over. He turned the big atlas in front of him and with his hands, traced the next port of call…


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24 thoughts on “Through the Eye of Faith (19)

  1. *Father_of_LIGHTS*

  2. Adewusi Adeola on said:

    Yup! It’s over. The dominion of satan is over. What a mighty merciful God!

  3. Adelabu Gloria on said:

    I’m d nxt point of call
    What a mighty God we serve

  4. Ugochi Obidiegwu on said:

    Oh my, I love this. Anu, you’re our very own Francine Rivers. More grease to you


  6. Merciful God


  8. Boluwatife christie on said:

    What a wonderful God. . .! Ur dominion is forevermore. . . This episode is powerful nd 4 such a tym as this, i will thursday to cum quickly, cant wait anoda 5 long days ooooh sis Anu. . . D lord is ur strent ma

  9. I love ds,,,thanks ma.

  10. Waoh! Wat a loving Father we have!

  11. Melly on said:

    This episode moved me to tears, thanking God for His Supremacy ova His children!
    Lord, am next! Tnks Anu and Rapheal for sharing, God bless U bot!!!

  12. Pa-3-sha on said:

    I believe it is me Lord God Almighty. Eledumare! Oba awon oba! It’s me!! Kabiyesi! It’s me!!! Alewilese! Aleselewi! It’s me. I’m Your next port of call…
    I knew d ‘ailment’ was an answer to Faith’s prayer for Patience concerning her marriage.
    Wonderful! Our God answers prayers! Halleluyah!!!

  13. ToluIwa on said:

    *Teary Eyes* Lord am NEXT!! God Bless u loads

  14. rhoda dami on said:

    wao!!! Anu you r gifted, i have seen u several times while we were growing up, you write so well, so touching ,so scripted, so…. may God increase ur wisdom, ur inspiration, may He keep using u and expand this virtue in your life.more episode pleasee…

  15. God works in a way we don’t understand……… Ds episode is so so touching,,, Anu may Gos strenghten u….. God I’m next on line

  16. The next port of call is me.. Words cannot describe how I feel after reading this episode , God bless you my dear. He is God alone.

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