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Through the Eye of Faith (20)

Its the 20th episode…. wow! And the story just gets more intriguing. If you have been following you have to agree with me that God has been faithful with inspiration and guidance. We’ll be glad if you can follow us on twitter @REDigion1 also you can like our facebook page, Thanks and God bless.


Credit: Google Images

Credit: Google Images

Dapo fumbled through the pile of books in a section of his cupboard desperately. He needed to find a paper he had kept, but intentionally ignored for many years… a clue to a memory he had erased long ago. Recent events had made him realize he needed to act fast before all was lost completely. Watching Patience on the bed between life and death had scared him to bits and when her father willingly accepted to leave behind his busy schedule and stay with his daughter, Dapo thought that was the most sacrificial thing in the world. If he had been in her shoe, would anyone do that for him?

The answer made him clear all the books out of the cupboard in two powerful shoves. A paper floated out through the books. It was a rumpled, cut-out piece from a newspaper he had bought three years ago. The first time he saw it, he was shocked beyond his wits and deep anger had filled him. Now, as he stared at it, he realized he was still traumatized with the feeling of resentment that enveloped him. Did he really want to do this? From the look of things, everything was perfect for everyone and there was no need to raise the dirt of a shameful past. Still, he anxiously wanted to know if she was okay. He studied her face in the picture. She stood, smiling beside a huge man with two lovely children, a boy and girl on each side. She obviously had made her way through life. She seemed happy and content and the reflection that he was about to shake things up a bit made him sad. Well, he had to do what he had to do. He was her son and it was high time she admitted that. I am coming to look for you, mother. He hoped she would be able to recognize him as he could her. 28 years was not a child’s play.

His phone buzzed through the stillness of the night and nearly froze when he saw the caller. Why would the Pastor decide to call him at this time? Was Patience okay? Dangerous thoughts filled his mind. He picked up the phone with unsteady hands and answered agitatedly.

“Hello, Pastor Mark. Is Patience okay?” His heart pumped frantically for some good news.

“Praise the Lord, brother!” The Pastor hollered excitedly. “She is awake! She is awake!”

“Halleluyah!” Dapo could not contain his joy. “This is unbelievable. Thank you, Jesus!” He fell on his knees and started praising God. He had heard of great things God had done in the lives of other people, but he had never really believed until now. This filled him with great optimism that giving his life to Christ was the best decision he could ever make. If God could do this for Patience, why would He not do more for him? He wiped his eyes and was shocked he was actually crying. Losing Patience would have been a big blow for him. Now, he was more confident of his love for her and for God to have kept her alive meant He wanted them together, wasn’t it? He never felt more hopeful. He smiled at the picture in his hands. I will not be coming alone, mother.



“Stop that, Daniel! Don’t you know you can hurt yourself?” An over-caring Faith rushed towards the toddler that was trying to climb a table higher than him. “Do I always have to be with you every time?”

The baby looked up at her with wide eyes and giggled.

Faith smiled. “Don’t use that trick on me. It won’t work.” She pulled him from the table and dragged him back to the floor.

“What trick is he using this time?” His mother called out from the kitchen.

“That naughty smile he gives when he knows he is doing something wrong.”

“Ha! He takes that from his father. He does that a lot too.” Patience stood at the kitchen door with a spatula in her hands.

When Daniel saw his mother, he stretched out his arms and started crying for her attention. Patience refused to carry him. “Just like his father. Always seeking attention.” She went back into the kitchen.

Faith carried the toddler and put him on her back. “Don’t worry. I will give you all the attention you need.” Then she started singing a rhyme while she danced gently to lure the baby to quietness.

There was a knock on the door and Faith wondered who that could be.

“Shhhhh! That could be daddy.” She whispered to Daniel. Daniel stopped the whimpering immediately. The attention he needed had arrived and his face took on an expectant look.

When Faith opened the door, she was not too surprised at who was at the entrance. Mama was a frequent visitor.

Mama screamed excitedly. “Is that my little boy?”

Daniel nearly jumped at Mama, who was always ready to give him what he wanted. She wrapped him tightly in his arms and he clapped happily. “Now, that’s my boy.” Pride shone in her eyes.

When Faith moved to close the door, a leg came in-between to block her effort. She opened wider and was shocked at who stood at the entrance with a large smile pasted on his face. It was Papa and he carried a big basket of goodies.

“Papa!” She could barely recognize her voice.

Mama shouted from the living room. “Don’t just stand there blocking your father, Faith. Let him in.”

“Hello, child.” Papa answered cheerfully before entering the house. “You look beautiful.”

Faith gaped with her mouth wide open. This must be a dream. She watched how Patience ran out of the kitchen to greet the couple and how they chatted happily away. This must be a dream.

A big shove on her leg brought her instantly to reality. She rubbed the sleep off her eyes as she stood up from the mat. “I just had a strange dream, Mama.”

Mama’s smile disappeared. “I just woke you up. What dream was that?”

“Miss Patience had a baby.”

“Oh! That’s not a strange dream, dear. It’s a great news! God is answering our prayers. I just got a call now from Pastor Mark. She is now awake and can talk.”

“What! Really? Miss Patience is awake? Can we go and see her now, pleaseeeee?” Faith begged.

“No, we can’t. It’s the middle of the night. We have to wait till morning.”

“Okay.” Faith sounded a bit disappointed. Morning seemed too far away.

“Was that all about the dream?” Mama had the strangest feeling there was more.

“Papa came home.”

“What do you mean?”

“That’s all I can say, Mama. I saw Papa come with you on a visit to Miss Patience and both of you looked very happy.”

Mama sat cautiously on the floor. She had not told her daughter about her visit to the prison. Papa didn’t look like he was ready to come home. In fact, if what he said was true, their lives were in danger.

“It’s okay, dear. God has everything in control.” Mama assured with a tinge of doubt. She had to start planning for their safety. She watched her daughter roll back on the mat to sleep and swallowed hard. God really had to take control.




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6 thoughts on “Through the Eye of Faith (20)

  1. tomi pearl on said:

    Faith n Daniel again…hehehe…I really hope dat dream cums tru.

  2. Adewusi Adeola on said:

    Yeah! Things can only get better. &God has shown it to Prophetess Faith! Thanks Raphianu, for bringing it on early enough today.

  3. Ruthie on said:

    hmmm, this episode get as e be o, its really hanging n a little disconnect especially at the beginning with Dapo, then jumping to Faith’s dream, well maybe the next episode will put it all together.

  4. Dorothy on said:

    Gόd will bring Faith’s dream to reality. She has always wanted ά Daniel!

  5. Ralph on said:

    The line inbetween shows a change of scene that has been the trend in previous episodes. Keep reading

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