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Through the Eye of Faith (22)

Words can not describe the joy and love i felt as you all made me feel special on my birthday. Thank you so much for being the winds beneath my wing and with you all supporting, i believe REDIgion will blossom to the height God has planned for it. If you missed the last episode, click here. make sure to tweet at us using the hashtag #TTEOF

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Chief Okonkwo peeked through the window and watched the conversation between the doctor and his daughter. He didn’t really like being kept in the dark, especially when it concerned the only child he had left. He often questioned his motive and thought he was only trying to make up for his terrible misdeed, one that always brought him to tears every time he remembered, but ever since they had both come to terms with it, he had promised himself he would be the good father he had never been. He was her father and mother now; all she’s got and he would not ignore his responsibilities. Never again. He strained his ears to pick up some words and resisted the urge to barge in against the doctor’s instruction. But when he saw the tears that flowed down her face uncontrollably, he feared something terrible had happened. Without thinking, he charged into the room and ignored the doctor’s order to go back.

“What’s the problem? Why are you crying?” He drew a sobbing Patience into his arms and probed the doctor accusingly. “What have you done to her?”

When Dr. Simeon saw he could not stop the older man, he answered conclusively. “She’s fine.”

“Then why is she crying? She just barely recovered.”

Patience responded amidst sobs. “I’m fine, father. I cannot just believe what just happened to me. I can’t believe it.” She sniffled. “Why would God decide to give me this miracle? I don’t deserve it.”

Chief was confused. “What miracle are you talking about? You are alive and well. That is miracle enough.”

Patience looked at her father with teary eyes. “I have a womb.”

“WHAT!” Chief was astonished. “Doctor, is that true? How is that even possible?” Without waiting for the doctor’s reply, he continued. “You see why I wanted to take you to a better hospital, where doctors don’t lie and results are more accurate.”

“This isn’t a lie, dad. I saw it with my eyes.”

When he saw the look in his daughter’s eyes, Chief realised she was saying the truth. “But how is that possible?”

“I doubt your experienced doctors can even answer that.” Dr. Simeon’s sarcasm was obvious. “I have been a doctor for over 18 years now and have handled a lot of cases, seen a lot of recoveries, but this is something I have never experienced before, something even science cannot explain. This is simply God at work and it doesn’t matter whether you believe or not. He has done what He wants to do.” He picked his notepad. “I will leave you both to come to terms with this wonder.” He smiled at Patience. “I am happy for you. You are indeed a very lucky lady.” He tipped his head and walked out of the room.

When he was out, Chief found the closest seat. He still could not believe what just happened. Was that how God worked? As simple as that? He had always viewed God as a complex and unfathomable Being, who was too hard to please and gave too many conditions. He had blamed God for allowing his wife die when he had spent so much on treatment, all to no avail. He suddenly realized he had been wrong all along and felt like a veil was lifted off his eyes. God was awesome just as He was merciful.

Patience paced round the room without direction, trying to come to terms with her new status. I would be a mum! Her heart felt like exploding in her chest. Someone would call me mother!

“I can’t believe it. Ha! Thank you, Jesus.” She kept repeating.

“I will be a grandfather too; something I never thought would happen.” Chief’s smile was large. “God has decided to be merciful to me after all. I wish your mother were here to share this beautiful moment with us.”

“I am sure she is rejoicing in Heaven and praising God on my behalf.”

“Yes, she is.” Chief was full of emotions. “I think we should tell the others now.”

“No, not yet. I mean I never told them about it before, not even Pastor Mark, so I just want to keep this secret for now.”

“And the boy?”

“Which boy?”

“The young man with the flowers who is trying to enter your heart. Does he know about this too?”

“No. He has proposed to me before but I said no. I didn’t want to be a barren wife.”

“Seems to me he did not take your reply seriously or else he will not be outside now. I actually told him to forget his marriage dreams if he had any.”

“Why would you do that?”

“I was trying to protect you. I was not about to let any man take you for granted again. I never expected this miracle to happen.”

Patience sighed. “Father, you have to undo what you have done. I love that man and if God has given me a chance at marriage, I want to take it with him.”

“You want me to go back and beg that small boy?” Chief could not imagine himself doing so.


Chief didn’t like the position he had been placed. He agreed reluctantly. “Okay, but I will also have to interview him and he has to meet my specifications before I give you away.”

“Thank you.” Patience embraced him. “You are my second miracle from God.”

Chief Okonkwo felt very proud when he heard that. He clung tightly to his daughter. “Miracle from a merciful God.”

“So, tell me about the visit. We have not had time to talk about it in all these confusion, but thank God it is over. Did it go well? Was he glad to see you?” Pastor Mark asked Faith’s mother with anticipation.

Mama inhaled deeply. “No, he wasn’t. In fact, he threatened to kill me and warned me never to come back to see him.”

“Really? That is a surprise.”

“He blames me for his predicament; says I am the reason he is behind bars; that once he is released, he would come for his revenge on me and my daughter. I am really scared, Pastor.”

“Don’t be. That is just the tactics of the devil to make you afraid. You did the right thing by standing for the truth. No evil shall befall you and your daughter.” Pastor Mark tried to strengthen her faith. “You don’t give up on him. Keep praying. God is working on him.”

“Faith said she had a dream he returned home and we were a happy family, but you know children and dreams. It could just be her mind playing games.”

“Don’t ever take her words for granted. I see in that girl a kind of courage and anointing I have never seen before in a child. If she says so, then believe it, or isn’t that what you want?”

Mama turned to see her daughter laugh heartily at what Dapo was telling her. She was such a tiny creature with a big heart, a rare and blessed child and Mama was glad to be her mother. “I’m very proud of her.”

Just then, Chief Okonkwo came out of the room, smiling so widely that everyone stopped what they were doing. He went straight to Dapo.

“Hey! I will like to see you.” When he realized others were listening, he added. “Privately, please.”

Dapo felt unwilling to go with him. He didn’t know what to expect from this strange man. “I’ll prefer you say what you want to say here, sir.”

Chief looked stunned. No one talked to him that way. He swallowed his pride. “Please. It’s an urgent, personal issue.”

Dapo stood up slowly. “Okay. I am right behind you.”

He followed Chief out of the hospital, wondering what kind of special talk was about to take place.

“What does he want to tell him?” Mama asked others in the room.

“I don’t have the slightest idea. But whatever it is, it must be good because of the smile on his face when he came out of the room. Let’s go see our dear sister now.”

As they entered the room, Pastor Mark looked back and smiled. Deep down, he knew things had just gone better.


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8 thoughts on “Through the Eye of Faith (22)

  1. Pa3sha on said:

    Hmmm….. Better? No. This is the BEST that can ever happen to anyone. A MIRACLE!!!
    And it seems everyone is being given a second chance; either directly or indirectly.
    More divine inspiration coming your way my sister.
    God bless!

  2. tomi pearl on said:

    Yes o n d better z stl goin best…thumbs up.


  4. Dorothy on said:

    Nice inspiration. More of it for u I pray. Its an unfathomable miracle. Thank Gόϑ for Jesus

  5. Our God of second chance may your name be praised.
    Eshey oluwa, eshey Baba oo
    Eshey oluwa awoo adukpe Baba

  6. funmilayo on said:

    Miracle worker!!! I salute you JESUS CHRIST,you are TOOOoooooooooooo Muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,!!!

  7. Hmmmm……. A miracle dat counters d plan of d devil….. Unfathomable miracle

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