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anivSo, REDigion was a year old yesterday May 6th. How time flies! I remember when I wrote the first article while at the office (you can read it here). It was like a chick just breaking out of its shell, not knowing if it would survive in the big, competitive world, but God has proven  Himself faithful and today we are a 365 days old confident hen. Baba, You too much!

Thanking all our readers across the globe. When I check the stats and I see people who read from the all across the continents, I am deeply humbled and grateful for your belief in REDigion. This not only gladdens my heart, but also encourages me to give more than my best (if that is attainable). The Word of God through this medium is reaching places and blessing lives everywhere. Glory be to His Name!

At this stage, I will like to emphasise the purpose of this Vision. REDigion is a faith-based blog where we preach the gospel of Christ through words inspired by the Holy Spirit. It is not a secular blog trying to make a name or compete as the best blog in the Universe. It is a channel aimed at Raising Earnest Disciples (RED) for the Kingdom of God. Recently, I got a message from a reader, asking me to tone down my focus on Jesus in order for the blog to be accepted by the majority. According to him, if I didn’t, readership would decrease in a matter of time. Hmmm… now that’s scary, isn’t it? I mean what’s a blog without an increasing daily readership? But every day, I check the stats, I have more reasons to be grateful to the One who is the foundation of this blog. Jesus is the manager and publicist. What else do I need? I am ready to shout it to the roof-top because the devil isn’t keeping quiet either. This is the Jesus Blog and the name is REDigion.

So, if you are looking for the blog where you will get the latest news on fashion, celebrity scandals or music that don’t benefit the soul, this isn’t the place. This space is dedicated for news with spiritual and eternal value. This is the home where you can find all you need to prepare for the place that matters most – Heaven.

On a final note, to serve you better, we are working on making REDigion a better haven for you, like a buffet where you can get your spiritual breakfast and dinner and everything inbetween. Get ready for a ride that will drive you closer to the Throne-room. Tick Tock… Stay tuned!

Please like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. Should you have any enquiries, advice or need spiritual support, please email and we shall get back as soon as we can. Also feel free to send us any article you feel will bless others. Remember this blog is for us all and there is always room for more, so please tell and invite those you love (and don’t love…LOL) to join this forum. We are the Jesus Disciples… And the world ain’t seen nothing yet.


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4 thoughts on “IT’S 365 DAYS AND COUNTING…

  1. Lekan on said:

    Glory to God! May of His grace and freshness of His inspiration. She that watereth shall be watered also.

  2. Samuel on said:

    Thanks for your tenacity and strong conviction. I remembered a story about a Pastor that went to preach. He preach holiness and had many converts but wanted to leave the mission field and return back to his ‘Jerusalem’ The ‘old prophets’ in that city that would have help in the discipleship work asked if the Pastor wanted to teach real holiness or mixed holiness, he opted for real holiness and all the ‘old prophets’ lefts him and prophesied doom for his missionary work. They prophesied that real holiness cannot and will not survive in that city since they themselves teach mixed holiness. The Pastor that will soon be en route to his ‘Jerusalem’ hold on to real holiness and depended on God for the discipleship and the little he can as his schedule from his ‘Jerusalem’ will allow. The God of real holiness kept those converts and over twenty years later the work of the holiness Pastor still lives while the ‘old prophets’ withers away.

    Hold on to your biblical tenets, at least You still have me as an ardent reader and the fact that you are not unnecessary competing for the ‘corrupting’ awards is great. I am sure God will daily add to your ‘church’ (reader environment) such as to be save.

  3. thank God for you sir , wishing you more grace and inspiration

  4. Boluwatife christie on said:

    I dont usually read blogs buh since i found out about redigion, i got stuck 2 dis particular blog wc impacts life and glorifies God and also prepares us 4 our final abode wc is Heaven. Hapi birthday REDigion. . . More inspiratn 4rm d founders(THE TRINITY) to the Writer and Author(RAPHEANU) nd d Readers shall continually b blessed

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