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Ever been in a position where you kept running from what was not chasing you? I have and it was not a pleasant situation. Here’s my story…

Some months ago, someone rendered me a service which I did not pay for, not because I did not have the cash, but because I found the cost too outrageous. As the months passed, I tried as much as possible to avoid her, but that was extremely difficult to achieve because not only did we attend the same church, but she also lived not very far away from my street, so we always, at one time or the other, bumped into each other and I would shrink literally at such encounter. As a church attendant, her role was overtly emphatic and from the obverse position I always found myself as the keyboardist, I would hope that I could disappear into thin air. Maybe it was me, or was she always staring me in the face and passing a silent message – You know you owe me, huh?
Now, fast forward eight months later (Yes, eight months… it was that bad). As I stood before her last weekend, my hands crossed and my legs wobbly, I could have sworn that she was going to rebuke me for nonchalance and blatant refusal to pay for the service she had dutifully rendered. I also had just a fraction of the payment and I stuttered and tried to mumble some words of apology both for delaying the payment and for not giving her the full amount, but was I ready for the unexpected chain reaction? Not in my wildest dreams!
She looked up at me from the chair she was sitting, with a smile ever so fitting and spoke in a voice so soothing……..”No, brother, I did the service for free!”
I was gobsmaked…….. I felt terrible not just because my machiavellian attitude had been bad enough but also because I just discovered it was all for nothing….SHE HAD DONE THE JOB FOR FREE! I must have felt a tear or two drop from my eyes because I did not know how much bondage I was until she spoke those words. I felt a sudden surge of peace and relief from a prison I had put myself in. I felt like a dopey kid at the sudden realisation that i had been free all these while I had locked myself up in a prison of fear and captivity.
I was not better than Joseph’s brothers who could not comprehend the fact that he had forgiven them long before they even came to Egypt. No wonder he cried when they asked for his forgiveness again after their father’s death.
I was not better than that sinner who still cannot understand that JESUS has paid the price for his salvation in full and that he is free. 
Dear reader, maybe you do not know this, but Jesus has paid your debts and I am telling you now that He has set you free already. .
On the cross He hung and His blood shed,
Then I heard them say, “This one’s dead”.
It was a large price for Him to pay,
To let you live another day.
He had the guts to suffer pain and die,
To purchase the freedom you live by.
By his dying, your life he buys,
Through His blood, no one again dies!
You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you do not know. His word says in John 8:36…..”If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”   This knowledge makes it a sin for you to be in bondage anymore.
Walk into His freedom and be saved
Step into His freedom and be healed
Accept this freedom and never be bound again! 
Let’s say this prayer together…” Forgive me Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, I accept the freedom you give and I declare that I am free through the blood of your Son Jesus Christ.” Amen.
Halleluyah! I am free to live again!

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10 thoughts on “FREE TO LIVE AGAIN

  1. Samuel on said:

    I almost thought that Amina series has ended but now am glad.
    A really wonderful piece
    If it is a true life narration, I guess I have that feeling also.

  2. Great article,,,,really sometimes we run from nothing and feel ashame of same (nothing). Thanks for sharing bro, GOD Bless you sir!

  3. Hadassah on said:

    #singing This is how it feels to be free!
    This is what it means to know that I am forgiven… Halleluyah! God bless you.

  4. Hope Uche on said:

    Amen, i am free

  5. Nwafor uche on said:

    This good thank God Jesus sets us free and we cannot be bound again. Keep it up

  6. Praise God I’m Free, I’ve been set free by d grace of God.

  7. on said:

    Alleluia Praise the Lord I am free, Alleluia praise the Lord I am free, for the blood of the lamb is my ransom, I am free ,free ,free!!! Nice piece.

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