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About Me

IMG-20120904-00459Hi. I’m Anu and welcome to The REDigion Blog. There’s a special seat for you in the front row. Relax and enjoy sweet fellowship with other Jesus Disciples (JDs). 

About me? I love to write (well, that’s obvious :)) and when I am not writing, you will find me either listening to music (blues) or taking photographs of nature. Most importantly, I love talking about Jesus and that is why I am here.

If you want to holla, please email me – You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Guest posts are also welcome. We are a family and helping one other is our creed. Cheers!


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. ebenezer on said:

    Cool! Enjoying the ride….lol! Cheers

  2. Samuel Adesunloro on said:

    Wow! Quite amazing! I salute your orthographic erudicy. Now I see the perceived gem in you.

    May the unending and excellent inspiration of God lead you on to better success and a brighter future.

    I care.


  3. Thumbs up. I enjoyed reading dis piece. Pls notify my by mail on the next episode so I can follow up on it. Once again, keep up the good work.

  4. God bless you gracious lady. just continually help us and the world at large to see the benefits of teaming up with Jesus and His “body”.
    Thanks for the write up.

  5. Adelabu Gloria on said:

    Gr8 wok. Keep it up. U’r touchin lifes so dont gv up.

  6. I enjoyed this (Through the eyes of Faith) series. I just joined today. May the ink of grace never run dry in your life.

  7. Every bit of ur work is inspirin just kip on d firin line I know u will get dere some day

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