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4 days

It has been a season of joy and laughter
Of rain, of cold, of heat and summer
With God and us, it can only get better
As the steps we take get bigger and firmer
We move to a place where the light is brighter
And we know that each day, we shall grow stronger

Let’s do it again together
It’s happening at now thither.


#WWR: Meet the Ministers

They are people of substance called by God to transform the world and bless lives through their gift of music. Young , talented and rising gospel musicians, meet the gospel ministers who will be leading the audience in an awesome worship experience.


Boluwatife Osinowo

Boluwatife Osinowo is a gifted singer, song writer, producer, arranger, vocal coach and multi instrumentalist. He studied music and graduated with the J.K Randle prize for outstanding Jazz Performance. He loves the Lord and is a gospel singer/minister. He is the founding member of the Purified Music Ministry (PMM) and has performed home and abroad before and alongside prominent artistes.


Aderayo Qadowsh

Aderayo Qadowsh is a passionate Soul Singer whose central message is about Christ as our Holiness and Healer. A music director and excellent voice trainer in her late twenties, she has performed alongside other popular gospel artistes like Kenny Kore and has to her credit original songs titled ‘Temidire’ and ‘Hope for Nations’. Her dream is to see that everyone experiences God’s Holy presence through the power of music.


Michael Isebiama David

Michael ISEBIAMA David is an Urban gospel singer, songwriter and guitarist with a burning quest to make Africa and the world a united place by preaching the gospel of Jesus through the instrument of music. A trained musician born and bred in Lagos, his music is targeted at teenagers and young adults, whom he believes hold the key to transforming the world. He runs a faith-based organization called Jesus For Every Nation (JFEN), a platform he uses to witness, equip and reach lives for the Kingdom of God.


John Glory

John Glory popularly, called G-Piano among friends due to his piano skills, is a Gospel artist whose music is branded naijaspiritualz. He started with the church choir at 10 and started playing the piano at 14. He later joined a Singing group called the GIGS before going solo. To him, music is a ministry he uses as a medium to reach out to people about God and influence the world positively.

John Glory, presently, is the Music Director of the headquarters church of Faith Cathedral, Lagos,He is also the Director of Duyicity Consult, Nigeria.


I still can’t get out of my head, the shouting and jubilation by the Chelsea fans all through the Capital One cup game between Chelsea and Arsenal at the Emirates stadium this last Tuesday. I’m in awe not so much as by the victory but by the spirit the fans exuded all through the game. Even before Chelsea opened scoring and won the game, the fans kept singing and chanting so loudly, they drowned the home fans who by the way, were more in number.

It was phenomenal, even the players testified to it. The fans kept singing and shouting like they were their own playing ground, The Stamford Bridge.
It’s one thing to rejoice at your home ground but to rejoice and make so much noise on an away turf (or if u like, in the enemy’s camp) is something else.

I think of the game and I think of life. You don’t have to see the victory before you scream. It doesn’t matter how much dribbling and passing the enemy does with your health, finance, career, work, family or status….. Just PRAISE…. Keep praising God. It drives the devil mad.

PS 22:3 says ….”God inhabits the PRAISES of HIS People…..”

My dear, it’s unconditional, if you praise GOD, HE comes down and inhabits that praise. And when God comes down, this is what happens ……… He comes with P-ower and RAISE(s) you up (P-RAISE)) out of that situation.

As u praise him, this is what happens on the field of play …………… (With the angels running commentary and the Holy Spirit as the referee and Jesus as your striker……..)

By the way, HE (Jesus) has been on the bench since…. Why not bring HIM in as the last substitute.

Oh!!!!!……. If HE’s in…. Then watch out because HE’s gonna dribble past your sin, failures, sorrows, sickness, ill health, fears, pain, debts, bad luck, heartaches, troubles, flaws, faults, weakness and everything that weighs you down. Do you know that He’s gonna get to the enemies goal post in style (HE doesn’t miss like your best strikers would).. HE’s gonna score the VICTORY GOAL for you.

….What are you waiting for???? Have you seen the way the fans of every winning team SCREAM when goals are scored?  Do they care about their opponents? They just SCREAM…… A very loud scream sometimes that if you weren’t watching the game you’d be tempted to rush to the viewing center just to know what’s happening. SCREAM for your breakthrough is nigh. Even if you haven’t seen it, just SCREAM.

Start, continue and never stop PRAISING GOD. (SCREAM now in victory, because your victory GOAL has been scored).

This article is written by Raphael Francis. You can also follow  him on twitter.

The Umbrella of My Life

13I was on a love mission recently. I needed to pay one last visit to a crucial love spot with my betrothed. So much depended on this meeting that I could not afford to miss it. My thoughts ran to and fro that morning as the time drew nearer and every other thing around me did not seem to have much relevance.

As the hour clocked 12 noon, I took a quick bite and as I was about to set out, my sister, like Elijah, announced the sound of the abundance of rain. The cloud was gathering thick and fast. For me, there was no turning back. So, I mustered all my strength and ran, geared on by the love that awaited. I sped quickly to the nearest bus stop in search of commuter that would convey me. Well, I was not totally lucky. The rains poured without mercy, but still, that did not detract me from my mission.

With every drop that fell, I took larger steps into the waiting transport and was I glad when I was in. Out of the rains, it did not matter if the heavens opened, I was safe away from its torrents and closer to accomplishing my mission. I was not bothered with how wet i was. What mattered to me was that I was safe, if only temporarily.

I watched as some passengers disembarked from the bus and into the rain, helpless and unprepared. I wished I had an umbrella for everyone. Well, life had to go on in sunshine or rain, right? By the time it was time for me to alight, the rain had subsided (lucky me!), and I hopped into the next available bus. It was in this bus that the Spirit reminded me of His word in Psalm 91…

1. He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. 2. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust…”

Do you know there is a SECRET PLACE that can protect you no matter the storms that blow? A REFUGE and FORTRESS where you can hide and be safe? There is an umbrella that can guard you from the downpour of pestilence. Psalm 91 calls it ‘The Shadow of the Almighty’. I call it the ‘Coverage under the SON of Righteousness’. Jesus is the umbrella of life, sent by God to cover us from every wiles of the devil especially at this ‘dangerous’ times of the year.

For this ‘EMBER’ months, my prayer for you is that:

Your life will be better
Blessings will locate you from all chambers
God will be your defender
And Jesus at your Centre
As to the Holy Ghost you surrender

…Relax! You’ve got THE UMBRELLA!

This article is written by Raphael Francis. You can also follow  him on twitter.

Now the day is over…

images14Yesterday marked the end of my 10 days holiday and I resume work today. While a part of me feels this way :), the greater part feels 😦 (who doesn’t like awoof 😉 ). I am re-entering the world of struggle and hustle and I ask myself if it is really worth it. What’s with the working hard to make ends meet when you are not fulfilled at the end of it all?

Maybe I feel depressed… or just being lazy, but the thought of going back to the ‘real’ world is scary. The usual normal frenzy where everyone is remote-controlled by the fear of ‘No Work, No Pay’ and no one stops to say ‘hello’ or ‘I’m sorry’. Just rush, rush and more rush.

I don’t even want to think of the bus conductor who will insult you for giving him a large denomination or the curses yelled by the motorist who feels you cheated her by jumping the queue in the mad traffic. What about the passerby who pretends not to notice he just stepped on your foot as you try to protect your bag from pick-pockets in Oshodi… Annoying, isn’t it?

Well, life goes on and I must set sail again. In years to come, I do not want to look back into my past and regret I did not make the right move at the right time. So I am looking past the negativity and focusing rather on opportunities to help me achieve a fulfilled life. I have a confidence and my heart has been singing a song. HIS EYE IS ON THE SPARROW AND I KNOW HE WATCHES ME.

No, the day isn’t over. It has just begun.

A Life Of Superfluous Nothingness

7It has been a couple of very busy weeks for me and I appeared to have lost myself amidst everything. Too many things to do with too little time for myself … hey, even having enriching morning devotion became a hard job because I had a long list of To-Dos which I, in fact, never achieved. I simply lost balance and I knew I had to do something fast because I got swallowed in the sea of nothingness.

Take a second to do a quick survey of your life and you may find out you are going through the same cycle. Waking up at 5a.m. and whispering a quick 5 minutes prayer because you are late and have to catch up with the 6a.m. staff bus (God understands, right?), then you get to the office and while you try to take a quiet moment to read a verse, your phone rings and it is your boss asking you for an unfinished task. You postpone the ‘moment’ till your lunch time, which you mostly spend at your desk anyway with doughnut on one hand while you work on your computer with the other…

The day passes like a whirlwind and at 5p.m. you remember you never actually had that time for God and you promise yourself tomorrow would be a better day. But the tomorrow never comes because your life is being remote-controlled by things that appear little but are in charge of your life.

Don’t you think it is high time you regained that control?

I decided to take a break and go for a retreat. It was God and I and nothing between. Hmmm… You will never realize how much you have ‘gone’ until you find yourself alone with God and when He begins to speak, all you can just say is ‘Lord, I surrender.’ Nothing in this world is really worth it until you let the Father be in control again.

Today is my last day in my spiritual hideout (wish I could remain here forever) and as I do a countdown back into the real world, I have decided that nothing will ever take the place of God, not work, not school, not even those little things.

Remember that until you decide to click the ‘pause’ button, your life will always be a merry-go-round of superfluous nothingness (Oops! But that’s the truth). The weekend is here again… what’s the plan? The choice is yours!

In My Father’s Image

Some weeks ago, I paid a special visit to my parents in Badagry and it was an awesome time. Besides being free from the hassles and pollution associated with the crowded part of Lagos, I learned a most wonderful lesson I would like to share with you.

1Every morning in the three-day holiday, I watched my parents, closely as they conversed, laughed, ate and even did little things like answering a minute phone call. I took in every flicker of the eye, their secret love language and admired their companionable silence. As I watched my father chat with his sweetheart in his usual boisterous manner, I saw a reflection of myself in him.

And not only mine, I was amazed at the fact that I could see traces of everyone of my eight siblings both in dad and mum. Traces that stared at me even in the minutest details such that you wouldn’t need a DNA test to ascertain our paternity.

I asked myself…If I could be a reflection of my earthly father, how much more should I be a spitting image of my heavenly ONE? The bible says “we r made in HIS image”, How much of HIM do I exude?  Can people look at me and see JESUS?  Do I laugh like HIM, talk like HIM, and walk like HIM? Or am I just a visitor in HIS home with no form of resemblance whatever?

This reminds me of a song I learned while in the youth choir. It tells clearly the mind of God concerning how His children should look like. It reads “I love you my children and I want you to be, a radiant reflection, a living image of ME”.

I have made up my mind to be like Christ in every way. So when next you see me, don’t be surprised if you see some changes. I carry Jesus’ DNA. I am His beloved son, in whom He is well pleased.

Written by Raphael Francis. You can also follow  him on twitter

Stand Up and Manifest!

8These past weeks, I have roamed through the desert with no particular destination. I have sat by the river bank and cast in my fishing line into the waters and caught nothing just like Peter and his friends who went a-fishing and toiled night and day without a single reward.

My projects hung on the balance and were found wanting. I could barely complete a paragraph of an article and I ended the days with the feeling of loss. Yes, I felt LOST and GROSSLY INADEQUATE. I wished the day would end on time and tomorrow never came. But I couldn’t hold the time, could I?

I asked God many questions. What if I could not achieve my dreams? What if I was just wasting my time? What if what He had in store for me was not what I was living for? What if I lost a dear one? What if…?

I waited for answers, but it seemed none was forthcoming and like Moses, I knew I had to wait. His time is always the best.

And just right out of the blue, from the very place I would never have thought of, God gave me an answer.

Have you watched ‘Akeelah and the Bee’? Here is what the little girl said:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

God told me ‘Little girl, stop wallowing in your state. Stand up and manifest my glory!”. I have chosen to arise and tap into His resources in my life. I will not allow fear to be in charge anymore. This is the start of a new month. It is the beginning of a POWERFUL ME. So, watch out! THE ACHIEVER IS HERE. 🙂

the fear ‘n’ THE FORTRESS

1I never realised the torment fear could cause until some days ago, when I had one of the scariest moments of my life. I had always seen myself as the courageous type and when others narrated their moments of fear, I would shrug and reply “That’s funny. C’mon, it couldn’t have been that bad.”

 Well, it was ‘that bad’ for me that night. Call me childish, but at my age (seen some decades), I still cringe at the sound of thunder and any unexpected (loud)  noise; and it is worse when it arouses me from my sleep in the middle of the night.

 So here’s what happened. I paid my friend a visit in one of the Lagos suburbs and decided to spend the night. I had a large Victorian bedroom to myself and settled in comfortably for a most enjoyable sleep, which I thought I deserved after a tiring day. Not once did I have an inkling that my night would be almost a nightmare. At about 3.20 a.m, a short, terrible noise filled the air, which was immediately followed by some whistlings and eerie sounds. Adrenaline shot up in waves and images started playing in my head. As the shots went up intermittently like in a video game, I thought of many possibilities… Were we under attack of armed robbers? Is my life in danger? What if…?

 I rushed to the living room where my friend had slept off on the sofa and I found him sleeping peacefully without a care in this world. Our lives were in danger and he had the gut to sleep! My friend, like Jesus, was sleeping in the midst of the storm.  It was not until 5 am that my eyes suddenly fell to the whims of nature and after I was certain I was safe.

 That morning, It was my turn to narrate my moment of fear and he replied…”Oh that? It was the security guys just doing their rounds which they do once in a while.”

 What! I almost knocked my head on the wall. I had been busy getting scared over nothing and losing faith in WHO mattered most – my FORTRESS.

 My friend, the only security we have in this world is in Jesus. In Him, we can never be afraid of the terror of the night. The question is, do we trust Him enough?

Written by Raphael Francis. You can also follow  him on twitter. Want your article on this blog, please send to Article must be faith-based and inspiring to our readers. Cheers!

The Lord, My Mastermatician

Lagos-20130518-00149Last Saturday, I faced a big challenge, one that made me walk in the valley of the shadow of fear. I was to battle Goliath face-to-face and all I had was a blank paper and writing materials. The odds were against me. This enemy was aware of my archilles’ heel and was ready to strike with full armoury. For the first time in my life, I felt like a loser. I really hate Maths. 😦

So, the battle began at 12 noon and it was very sore on me. With the arrows Poissoned with Binomial and Bernoulli, my chance of winning faced low probability. Failure sneered at me and I could only stare into empty space while trying to remember the jargons I had crammed. The serpent provided an alternative – an inviting, succulent, red apple called cheating. After all, everyone else was having a bite. But then, I am not everyone else. I am a Jesus Disciple and JDs don’t cheat. So, I told the deceiver to shut up, did what I could and committed the rest to the Mastermatician.

And oh, did He jump to my rescue! 😀

Many times, we are faced with situations beyond our capabilities and when we see how others handle same and go scot free or even perform better that we do, we feel like losers. Well, Jesus was a loser too. He was beaten, spat on and considered an outcast, but still conquered in the end. That is why I believe I will conquer too because He is the Lord, my Mastermatician. We are a team and we can never fail.

Faced any tempting situation lately? How did you cope?

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